Q&A | Lúcia Lemos Sound & Image Challenge director Creative Macau Coordinator: Film enthusiasts recording growth, says festival director

Held at Dom Pedro V Theatre, the program included 84 shorts, 10 video-clips, talks, three master classes, and concerts at the opening and awarding ceremonies. Celebrating its ninth edition earlier this

Education | IFT’s Bachelor Degree Programs open for online applications

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) announced it will start receiving online applications for Daytime Bachelor Degree Programs from January 3 to 18. Six English-taught degree programs are open for

Gov’t announces benefit regime for next year

The amount of social security benefits and allowances provided by the Macau SAR for the coming year has been announced via Executive Order No. 307/2018 published in the Official Gazette.

IAS collects opinions for domestic violence law review

The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) is collecting opinions on the three-year review of the city’s implementation of the domestic violence law. Yesterday, IAS held a cross-department meeting regarding the domestic violence

Macau’s GNI up by 10.3pct in 2017

Macau’s Gross National Income (GNI) rose by 10.3 percent year-on-year in real terms in 2017, while per-capita GNI went up by 9.7 percent year-on-year in real terms, the Statistics and

Groups hold fundraising events for Indonesia’s tsunami victims

Indonesian migrant groups and Caritas Macau have been holding a series of fundraising events to raise funds for the survivors of the recent tsunami that struck parts of western Indonesia

Lawmaker inquires about tourism police efficiency

Lawmaker Lei Chan U has asked the government about the results of the city’s tourism policies. In March 2017, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) established a tourism police force. Currently,

Supermarket fire outbreak forces evacuation of 30 people

A severe fire broke out at a Vang Kei Supermarket located on the Av. do Ouvidor Arriaga, at a junction with R. do Padre Antonio Roliz, at 2 a.m. yesterday. The

Bus network to extend operation hours during New Year

In order to cope with all sorts of celebrations during the upcoming New Year, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) is going to implement a New Year transportation schedule. Starting from tomorrow, several

China heads into trade talks bracing for more US demands

China enters trade talks said to begin early next month in Beijing having made concerted efforts to end the standoff with the U.S., and also unsure it’s done enough. Since Presidents

Real Estate Matters | Micro-apartments in Hong Kong, anyone?

Sam Lee is a marketing manager and property consultant at JML Property. JML was established in 1994 and offers Investment Property & Homes. It specializes in managing properties for owners

Separatist behind Chinese Consulate attack is killed in Afghanistan

A separatist leader blamed for masterminding last month’s attack on a Chinese Consulate in Pakistan has been killed in a bombing in Afghanistan, Pakistani officials and the separatist group said

Did 2018 usher in a creeping tech dystopia?

We may remember 2018 as the year when technology’s dystopian potential became clear, from Facebook’s role enabling the harvesting of our personal data for election interference to a seemingly unending

Beijing’s answer to GPS extends coverage beyond Asia Pacific

China’s alternative to the American-owned GPS extended its service beyond the Asia-Pacific region yesterday with a goal of becoming a dominating technology in the future. Called Beidou, the service works like

Taiwan | Thousands protest taxes with nod to French rallies

Thousands of Taiwanese, taking a page from France’s yellow vest movement, protested yesterday for the third time in a week to demand lower taxes and the fair handling of tax

Investment in Germany plunged in second half, EY says

Chinese companies spent far less on German firms in the second half of this year as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government moved to tighten its grip on foreign investment, according to

Ex-deputy intelligence chief given life sentence

China’s former deputy intelligence chief was sentenced yesterday to life in prison for corruption. Ma Jian has been found guilty of crimes including accepting bribes and insider trading, said a court

Indonesia | Danger zone around island volcano widened

Indonesia raised the danger level for an island volcano that triggered a tsunami on the weekend, killing at least 430 people in Sumatra and Java, and widened its no-go zone. The

India | Firefighters battle air pollution in New Delhi

Indian authorities have ordered firefighters in the capital to sprinkle water from high-rise buildings to settle dust and stop garbage fires and have banned construction activity as hazardous air quality

Japan | Whalers unhappy with plan to resume hunts

Count Japan’s own whalers among those unhappy with the government’s plan to resume commercial hunts - but not in the bountiful whaling grounds around Antarctica. A Japanese foreign ministry official told

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