Watching al-Qaida chief’s ‘pattern of life’ key to his death

As the sun was rising in Kabul on Sunday, two Hellfire missiles fired by a U.S. drone ended Ayman al-Zawahiri’s decade-long reign as the leader of

Melco Resorts weighs Macau move to evade US delisting

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is reportedly considering relocating its headquarters to Macau following reports that the U.S. is set to delist about 200 Chinese and Hong

Health authorities admit prevention measures have ‘unidentified flaws’

Local health authorities admitted that the June 18 outbreak occurred due to a flaw in existing prevention measures. However, as it was not possible to identify

On arrival to quarantine: ‘I have been made to feel less human’

I entered Macau as a non-resident worker for the fifth time in late July. Twenty hours before I set off to the HZMB terminus, I had my first

Quarantine cut to seven days from Aug. 6, foreign tourists still banned

Macau quarantine periods will change from the current 10 days in a designated quarantine hotel and an additional seven-day period of self-health management (10+7) to

Ron Lam demands gov’t review testing requirements on daycare infants

Lawmaker Ron Lam has asked the government to review its strict SARS-CoV-2 testing requirements on day care users, workers and visitors. In a letter addressed

CE to attend AL session Aug. 9

The Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng will attend a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly on August 9 to answer Legislative Assembly (AL) members’ questions on government

SJM 2H22 loss doubles y-o-y

In the first half of 2022, SJM Holdings, parent company of casino operator SJM Resorts, S.A. (SJM), recorded a loss of HKD1,176 million in adjusted EDITDA,

Non-local arrested for posing risk to others while driving

A non-local female resident was arrested by the Public Security Police (PSP) yesterday due to dangerous driving and driving without license.  In a video that

Ex-lawmaker slams gov’t for scapegoating cultural venues

In addition, the former lawmaker emphasized that, even though no infections had been found to be related to performing arts venues in the past two and a

Employment DSAL expected to launch 1,000 training positions for construction workers

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) expects that, by the end of 2022, it will launch 800 to 1,000 places in training programs for the construction

Myanmar violence, Ukraine war loom over ASEAN meetings

Southeast Asian foreign ministers are gathering in the Cambodian capital for meetings addressing persisting violence in Myanmar and other issues, joined by top diplomats from the United

1990 UK temperatures reach record high

A weather station in Leicestershire has recorded the highest temperature ever known in Britain. The figure of 37.1C, or 99F, recorded at a weather station in Nailstone,

US sanctions UAE, Hong Kong firms that ship Iranian oil

The U.S. has sanctioned a United Arab Emirates-based firm and several Asian companies for facilitating the illicit sale of millions of dollars’ worth of Iranian oil

End of the beginning: England wants Euro win to lead to more

In soccer-mad England, which sees itself as the home of the world’s game, women and girls finally have a team full of heroes who look like

Stephen King set to testify for govt in books merger trial

As the Justice Department bids to convince a federal judge that the proposed merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster would damage the careers

India announces a USD100 million credit line to the Maldives

India will give a $100 million line of credit to the Maldives to support development projects, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said yesterday after holding talks with his counterpart,

Pelosi’s proposed Taiwan visit will make trouble beyond her remedy

Despite the stern warnings of multiple parties, there has been growing speculation that United States House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi might visit Taiwan during her Asian tour

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  * ‘Playing with fire’ — Pelosi landed in Taipei last night defying Beijing: ‘Some American politicians are playing with fire on the issue of Taiwan,’ Wang Yi said * Al-Zawahiri | US

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