In ‘Seduction,’ Howard Hughes’ Hollywood no haven for women

Hollywood history for the #MeToo movement, Karina Longworth’s “Seduction” is an astute and entertaining takedown of the movie industry, the press and the multimillionaire turned wannabe filmmaker

Book reflects on Rock Hudson’s stardom, closeted love life

Had Rock Hudson not died of AIDS in 1985, he might be best remembered as the most successful of the postwar male stars who got into the

‘Pandemic’ rings warning bell about gene-editing technology

When there’s a scientific breakthrough, Robin Cook doesn’t just stand up and cheer. He uses his fertile imagination and writes a novel about its possible perils.

‘Broken Ground’ gives new insight to Scotland’s role in war

The past is always in the present for Edinburgh Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie, making her fifth appearance in Val McDermid’s expertly plotted “Broken Ground.” As head

Musician Jeff Tweedy displays sense of humor in his memoir

In his memoir, “Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back),” Jeff Tweedy, frontman of the American rock band Wilco, displays a sense of humor that his audiences

‘Frugal Traveler’ is disjointed book

Love travel? Love books? Love books about travel? If the preceding statements are true, do pick up a copy of “Rediscovering Travel: A Guide for the Globally

A new collection of essays by Jonathan Franzen

One subject comes up frequently in Jonathan Franzen’s latest collection of essays: how to live responsibly in the face of our all but certain extinction as a

Author offers retrospect of TV show ‘Friends’

Kelsey Miller has written the quintessential fan book for those obsessed with the hit TV sitcom “Friends.” “I’ll Be There For You” gives readers an insider’s look

Stephen King raises the bar with ‘Elevation’

After more than four decades of banging out best- sellers, Stephen King still has the power to surprise his beloved “constant readers.” Consider “Elevation,” which the

Pussy Riot founder’s guide to political activism

Power to the people: Where have we heard that before? In the 1960s, to be sure. And again today in “Read & Riot,” an invigorating new guide

Ellie Kemper endears herself to fans in ‘My Squirrel Days’

Ellie Kemper’s debut novel, “My Squirrel Days,” is exactly what you would expect from the comedian. It’s rich in personality, teeming with energy and full of laugh-out-loud

‘The Forgotten’ eyes evolution of white Trump voters

There have been many books, studies and feature stories on the rise of the alienated white voters who came out in large numbers to elect President Donald

Eric Idle on Monty Python, life’s brighter side

Eric Idle has been funny for a very long time. He gained fame almost 50 years ago playing pompous TV hosts and leering idiots as a

Novel by Hank Green is out of this world

What if a huge, stagnant robot appeared out of nowhere on the streets of New York City? And what if you were the key to solving the

Villains are vile and disturbing in ‘The Forbidden Door’

Jane Hawk returns and learns that her enemies are beginning to close in with plans to eliminate her as a threat in Dean Koontz’s latest thriller, “The

‘Leave No Trace’ looks at mental health recovery

A young woman’s determination to overcome her past mental problems tests her resolve when she becomes involved in the high-profile case of a violent young man in

Reluctant mobster pulled back in ‘Bones of Brooklyn’

Howard Fenster, son of a bookkeeper for the Mafia, has been “in the life” since he was 10. But now, he and his girlfriend, Ariel, have fled,

‘Vox’ explores world where women can’t talk freely

Christina Dalcher brings this scenario to life in her debut novel “Vox.” Fueled by the disorder and turbulence of America’s current political climate, Dalcher creates a

‘Decree’ has eerie relevance in today’s political climate

The Washington Decree, Jussi Adler-Olsen’s latest novel to be published in the United States, tells the compelling and sad story of Bruce Jansen, a senator who experienced

David Joy novel takes gritty look at families

David Joy’s unflinching look at those who live in the Appalachian area of western North Carolina takes another unconventional spin in “The Line That Held Us.”

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