‘Under a Dark Sky’ has shrewd plot, realistic characters

A dark sky park where even the slightest glimmer of light is blocked out provides a fascinating backdrop for Lori Rader-Day’s inventive fourth novel. The darkness that

Relationships are tested in ‘How to Love a Jamaican’

Alexia Arthurs’ short story collection “How to Love a Jamaican” is a timely exploration of multigenerational waves of immigration, the impact separating families has on children and the desire

‘The Mere Wife’ explores ‘Beowulf’ in the suburbs

Maria Dahvana Headley’s new novel, “The Mere Wife,” is much more than a simple recasting of the ancient epic poem “Beowulf” in the suburbs. It’s “The Stepford

Author tackles sexual assault in ‘A Gathering of Secrets’

Linda Castillo’s exquisitely plotted novels delve deep into Amish life and culture using the prism of a police procedural. Without deriding or sentimentalizing the Amish, Castillo illustrates their culture while

Film favorites Bruce Lee, Sterling Hayden shine in new books

Martial arts icon Bruce Lee wanted to be known around the world, and he built the perfect platform to do so as an international film star. An accidental

Historical fiction author explores world of a NY socialite

Kitty’s best friend, Henrietta, comes from an affluent family and is engaged to New York socialite Charles. Unfortunately, the marriage has been forced by their families

‘You Were Made for This’ explores marriage and parenting

Appearances sometimes are not just deceiving but can hide fissures so deep and fractured that tragedy can seem a surprise when it occurs. Michelle Sacks richly explores

An inside look at the writing, production of ‘The Simpsons’

When television's longest-running cartoon show first hit the airwaves, most of its writers and producers gave it six weeks at best. The one optimist in the crew figured it might

Activist’s memoir a poignant voice for incarcerated women

Donna Hylton opens her memoir, “A Little Piece of Light,” with an admission of guilt and remorse for her crimes. However, this isn’t where her story begins.

Cohen hilariously tackles work-life balance in ‘The Glitch’

Shelley Stone is a hard-working CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company that sells a small device called a Conch, which helps improve everyday life. The Conch

Two couples navigate infidelity, chaos in ‘Little Disasters’

The shared birthday of their sons initially connects Michael and Rebecca to Paul and Jenny. While the women labor, the husbands introduce themselves, sharing a smoke and shot of

New book offers hilarious and poignant take on Motherhood

Motherhood is nothing if not a roller coaster of emotions, and a new book on the topic captures the wild ride perfectly. “Amateur Hour: Motherhood in

Connolly reimagines comedian Stan Laurel in ‘he’

Although never referred to by name, the he of the eponymous “he” is comedian Stan Laurel, who with Oliver Hardy, was half of Laurel and Hardy, one of the

‘Miss Subways’ is a quirky novel by David Duchovny

Though primarily known for his acting roles in TV series such as “The X-Files,” David Duchovny has the writing gene as well. “Miss Subways” is a quirky, wholly original

A new book of short fiction by Lionel Shriver

If Lionel Shriver weren’t such a terrific writer, she might have had a glorious career as a sociologist. In her latest book, “Property,” she explores a host of contemporary

‘The Art of the Wasted Day’ explores silence and solitude

Critically praised Patricia Hampl invites readers to take a journey to explore the idea of a life steeped in leisure without schedules. In “The Art of

Wedding plans fail in ‘Family & other Catastrophes’

Emily knew her family was flawed, but she had no idea the dysfunction could reach such epic levels until she comes home for her wedding. In her

‘Other People’s Houses’ offers view from the carpool minivan

Frances Bloom can jam seven children into a minivan designed for six with no problem. Her daily carpooling duty tethers her neighbors’ lives together. It also affords

Chrissy Metz inspires through personal essays

When Chrissy Metz was her sister’s chaperon at a local talent event in Florida, she never imagined that she would be discovered that day, too. She made

‘Bishop’s Pawn’ is Steve Berry’s most personal novel to date

Before Cotton Malone worked with Stephanie Nelle and the Magellan Billet, he was a Navy lawyer who seemed to get cases that kept him busy, but weren’t

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