‘The Art of the Wasted Day’ explores silence and solitude

Critically praised Patricia Hampl invites readers to take a journey to explore the idea of a life steeped in leisure without schedules. In “The Art of

Wedding plans fail in ‘Family & other Catastrophes’

Emily knew her family was flawed, but she had no idea the dysfunction could reach such epic levels until she comes home for her wedding. In her

‘Other People’s Houses’ offers view from the carpool minivan

Frances Bloom can jam seven children into a minivan designed for six with no problem. Her daily carpooling duty tethers her neighbors’ lives together. It also affords

Chrissy Metz inspires through personal essays

When Chrissy Metz was her sister’s chaperon at a local talent event in Florida, she never imagined that she would be discovered that day, too. She made

‘Bishop’s Pawn’ is Steve Berry’s most personal novel to date

Before Cotton Malone worked with Stephanie Nelle and the Magellan Billet, he was a Navy lawyer who seemed to get cases that kept him busy, but weren’t

A classic rags-to-riches tale

Another celebrity memoir has graced the genre, and this time it’s from a lesser-known member of the multiplatinum rap group Wu-Tang Clan. “Raw: My Journey into

Dark side of Vegas is revealed in ‘All the Beautiful Girls’

After Lily's glamorous and free-spirited parents and sister are killed in a car crash, the 8-year-old moves in with her aunt and uncle and leaves behind her entire universe

Walter Mosley examines issues of race in ‘Down the River’

Few mystery writers can examine issues of race — how it divides and binds people — as clearly and unflinchingly as Walter Mosley, who returns to this

Love proves graceful, profound in ‘Rosie Colored Glasses’

Rex has no desire to twirl with Rosie through an antique shop, and Rosie isn’t the type to stay in bed on Sunday mornings. For now, however,

Tom Miller’s novel turns gender roles upside down

Rarely does a novel begin with rollicking fierceness that grabs readers from its opening lines and doesn’t loosen its grip or lessen its hold all the way

Subject matter of Zadie Smith’s ‘Feel Free’ ranges wide

The subject matter of Zadie Smith’s newest collection of essays, “Feel Free,” ranges wide. She addresses world issues from the perspective of Britain, her home, including climate

‘Mokha’ recounts quest to revive coffee trade in Yemen

As legend has it, coffee was born in Yemen, when a Sufi brewed the beverage to fuel his late-night devotions. Roughly 700 years later, a Yemeni-American set

‘When’ by Daniel Pink uncovers the secrets of timing

It’s January; time to make room in the self-improvement section of your bookcase. “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel H. Pink perfectly executes

Preston & Child focus on characters’ growth in new thriller

FBI Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast returns to assist the NYPD with a baffling case in “City of Endless Nights,” Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s latest thriller.

‘Just Between Us’ is terrific thriller

Four friends delve into unfamiliar territory when three of them realize they must intervene to save the fourth in “Just Between Us,” Rebecca Drake’s twisty and compelling

Dave Robicheaux returns in new novel by James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke’s iconic deputy from Louisiana, Dave Robicheaux, must face the past that haunts him while pursuing a murder case that hits too close to home

Book of celeb interviews best enjoyed in small sips

Eagerly plucked from the pages of Vanity Fair, the Daily Front Row and R.O.M.E. and thrust into the public’s hands comes George (“GW”) Wayne’s collection of his

Bickering meets brutality in David Moody’s dystopian read

Hatred abounds from the first page in David Moody’s “One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning,” the first in a dystopian trilogy. After a jolting opening

‘The Vanishing Season’ has precise prose, suspenseful plot

Ellery Hathaway, junior officer on the police force in sleepy Woodbury, Massachusetts, will do almost anything to convince her boss that three locals who disappeared over the

Chris Matthews paints loving portrait of RFK in new book

Television and print journalist Chris Matthews’ biography, “Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit,” is the latest in a spate of Kennedy literature to capture the public fancy.

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