Superman, Spiderman creators slug it out for decades

Marvel is arguably king of the comics world now. But it used to be a bottom feeder, pumping out uninspired titles that exploited popular trends — romance, monsters, whatever.

Main character in Coben thriller is endearing, witty

A New Jersey detective finds himself still haunted by events that occurred 15 years earlier in Harlan Coben’s latest thriller, “Don’t Let Go.” Napoleon “Nap” Dumas

‘The Cuban Affair’ feels authentic and real

A charter boat captain in Key West, Florida, gets an offer he can’t refuse in Nelson DeMille’s latest novel, “The Cuban Affair.” Daniel “Mac” MacCormick has retired.

George Smiley returns in ‘A Legacy of Spies’

John Le Carre’s newest novel, “A Legacy of Spies,” brings back the man who is perhaps Le Carre’s most famous of spies, George Smiley, though mostly in

Rushdie crafts modern masterpiece in ‘The Golden House’

If you read a lot of fiction, you know that every once in a while you stumble upon a book that transports you, telling a story full

Parenthood and tech meet in ‘To Siri With Love’

Technology has often gotten a bum rap for ushering humans into their own private microcosms. But writer Judith Newman has a different take on the matter.

Historical thriller takes readers back to turbulent era

An engineer from Oslo attempts to disrupt the Nazi war machine at the height of World War II in “The Saboteur,” the latest historical thriller by Andrew

‘Seeing Red’ has strong characters, emotional narrative

A man’s heroic act in the past has ramifications in the present in “Seeing Red,” Sandra Brown’s latest collision of suspense and romance. Kerra Bailey, a television journalist,

Karin Slaughter’s ‘Good Daughter’ has solid plot

Each Quinn sister, in her own way, tries to be the good daughter but neither of these complicated, often prickly, women has come to terms with the

Rob Reid’s ‘After On’ is intriguing story

Author Rob Reid examines the world of social networking and how intrusive it can become in our daily lives in his latest sci-fi endeavor, “After On.”

114 minutes. Novel takes energetic look at life of ambitious news anchor

If anyone has the talent to write an innovative narrative about the realities of working at a popular cable-news station, it’s Alisyn Camerota. As a correspondent

Garwood delivers another suspenseful romance with ‘Wired’ 

Julie Garwood delivers another suspenseful romance with her new novel, “Wired.” Readers will be immersed in a world of digital coding where computer hackers reign as heroes.

Amy Silverstein explores friendship in ‘My Glory’ memoir 

Amy Silverstein received a new heart when was 25 years old, and for the next 26 years she beat the odds, surpassing all expectations for a transplant

Characters get better with age in ‘The Accomplished Guest’

A  woman drinks iced tea on the veranda with her weary parents. A husband and wife select attire for an out-of-town wedding. An uncle drives his niece

John Grisham’s ‘Camino Island’ is fine beach read

The tale opens with a robbery and closes with a reconciliation. In between these bookends, “Camino Island” by John Grisham is populated with ruthless thieves, witty writers

The struggle is real for Katy Perry

She once roared. But now, we’ll just call it meowing. Katy Perry, one of the top voices in contemporary pop over the last decade, limps into

David Sedaris wants you to read his diaries

L ong before Facebook was a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye or the president of the United States became the world’s most powerful tweeter, David Sedaris was

‘He Said/She Said’ is a thriller to savor

A solar eclipse attracts devoted followers who travel to the best sites to witness the phenomenon, aided by online forums, maps and social media. These eclipse chasers,

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