‘Letters from Hollywood’ is a movie nerd’s dream

Paul Newman passes on an offer to co-star with Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl,” saying he can’t carry a tune or dance. Col. Tom Parker suggests a story line

Author takes deep dive into creation of TV show ‘Friends’

In 1994, NBC was trying to find a show that could pull in ratings similar to the network’s mega-hit “Seinfeld.” Two writers pitched a show they saw as “Cheers”

Clive Cussler fans will savor ‘The Titanic Secret’

The investigation of an explosion in a mine propels Isaac Bell into a conspiracy with ties to the doomed ocean liner in “The Titanic Secret,” the latest

Rushdie writes modern Don Quixote for tale of love, family

Good news! You don’t have to read Cervantes’ masterwork to enjoy Salman Rushdie’s modern reinvention. You’ll probably pick up on hundreds of additional references and inside jokes

Harvard librarian Hester Thursby returns in ‘Missing Ones’

The pain that remains following a traumatic event is never easy to overcome, often influencing one’s behavior and life choices, as Edwin Hill shows in his second

‘The Murder List’ is compelling story by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Jack North is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Boston. His reputation precedes him, and he’s known for applying tough but legal tactics for his

Author Timothy C. Winegard traces mosquito through history

Since the dawn of humankind, mosquitoes have been around to pester us, buzzing in an ear before selecting a blood vessel on which to feast. But these

Digital dating proves complicated in ‘Love at First Like’

Dating in the digital age can be tricky business, especially when you project an image on social media that is in no way a truthful depiction of

Red scare of ‘50s tests friends in ‘Chelsea Girls’

Best friends Hazel and Maxine, stars of Fiona Davis’ new book, “The Chelsea Girls,” never really got to be girls. Circumstances forced them to grow up quickly,

Baldacci’s latest novel doesn’t disappoint

Aloysius Archer fought in Europe for the Allies, and shortly after making his way back home, he found himself imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s

‘Raised in Captivity’ reveals author’s warped imagination

Chuck Klosterman seems like a great hang. He’s the guy at the party who has everyone spitting out their drinks as they laugh while trying to swallow

‘Last Witnesses’ offers children’s memories of WWII

Does anyone suffer more in wartime than a child? All they know is at risk — parents, siblings, neighbors, homes, schools, even pets. All too soon they

A vile conspiracy is taken down in novel ‘Big Sky’

Former soldier and policeman Jackson Brodie, who last appeared nine years ago in "Started Early, Took My Dog," makes his long-anticipated return in Kate Atkinson's new novel, "Big

Barron’s ‘Black Mountain’ stars his ex-mob enforcer

“You don’t teach a child to become a killer by rote lectures,” he writes. “To create a predatory machine, you foster an appreciation of the natural world and

Neither fire nor fury for Wolff’s new Trump book

The sequel to Michael Wolff’s million-selling “Fire and Fury” is not attracting the same kind of interest, not even from President Donald Trump. NPD BookScan reported

A detective pursues justice in ‘One Small Sacrifice’

Photojournalist Alex Traynor lost his friend Cori to suicide a year ago. Detective Sheryn Sterling tried very hard to prove that Traynor pushed Cori off a ledge

‘Chasing the Moon’ takes a look at the history of rocketry

Chasing the Moon: The People, the Politics, and the Promise That Launched America into the Space Age (Ballantine Books), by Robert Stone and Alan Andres This

The creator of ‘Hannibal’ returns with new monster

In Thomas Harris’ new novel, Cari Mora escaped a violent past and now lives in Miami. She can stay in the United States thanks to a temporary

Molly Dektar takes writerly look at allure of cults

From the very first few pages of her debut novel about a cult, “The Ash Family,” author Molly Dektar’s substantial writing chops are abundantly clear. “The

Jennifer McMahon’s ‘The Invited’ is a powerful novel

Jennifer McMahon again proves that the modern ghost story is more than things that go bump in the night. It hinges on reality, slowly building to a

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