Interview with Rui Martins | ‘The EU is trying to be closer to China’

The European Union Academic Program (EUAP) Macao, launched in 2012, is part of a network of 37 EU centers worldwide. Led by the University of Macau in collaboration with the

Hong Kong politics Ip to pan-democrats: Stop grandstanding and be pragmatic

As a rule, observers and the general public here believe that Hong Kong’s notably pragmatic and sensible citizens would only elect someone who can get along with the central authorities.

Interview with Audrey Eu Look at Macau: no striving, no democracy

In an interview with MDT, Audrey Eu also reveals a great disconnect with Beijing that has dogged relationships between the pan-democrats, consistently the most popular party in the legislative council

Angry crowd charges Hong Kong protest barricades

An angry crowd opposed to pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for more than two weeks charged barricades used by the demonstrators yesterday, clashing with police as

Interview with João Francisco Pinto | Media industry still has space to grow

The Portuguese News and Program Controller of local broadcaster TDM, Mr João Francisco Pinto, was recently elected chairman of the Asiavision News Group – a platform bringing together 30 TV

Interview with Manuel Correia da Silva, co-founder of Lines Lab: ‘Creative industries are now part of the city’s political debate’

Founded in 2006, by designers Clara Brito and Manuel Correia da Silva, Lines Lab has provided a place and a time to explore an experimental approach to design. Ceramic lamps,

The Korean Touch

Macau Daily Times - Are you familiar with the Chinese palate and have you ever been to China? If so, how do the Chinese react to your dishes? What is

Interview with David Sylvester | ‘The Parisian will offer about 80 percent of new brands to Macau’ 

Macau Daily Times (MDT) – Sands China has expanded its retail offerings, bringing in new brands such as Marks & Spencer and Zara Home. Could you give us a few updates on the

Interview with Eileen Stow : ‘We’re looking to find a place to exp and production and double the workforce’

Lord Stow’s Bakery, founded by Englishman Andrew Stow, has been serving Macau’s famed egg tarts for 25 years, and plans to expand its production capacity as demand grows. In an

ART | SOFIA AREZ INTERVIEW: “You will find more in the woods than in books’”

MDT - What does the “tree symbol” stand for? Sofia Arez - The cue that led to the choice of the tree as the central element of Abandonment was a passage

Interview with the British Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, Caroline Wilson UK eyes Macau to introduce food, beverage and luxury products

Macau Daily Times – What are the main commercial opportunities for UK companies in Macau at the moment? Caroline Wilson – The United Kingdom has got some particular expertise and strengths.

MDT INTERVIEW: David Beckham, ambassador for SCL and football: “It was an easy role for me to get involved in”

Macau Daily Times - From being a sportsman, you’re now branching out into the world of business.  Last year you signed a memo with Sands China where you plan get

Interview with Konstantin Bessmertny: “In Macau there is a limited market for art, and lack of critical mass”

MDT –  You arrived in Macau over 20 years ago, in 1992. How was this city back then? Konstantin Bessmertny – I remember that we arrived in Guangzhou in

MUSIC: From Mao to Macau, Philadelphia Orchestra bridges cultural divide

MDT - The Philadelphia Orchestra recently announced details of its Residency in China and a commemorative Fortieth Anniversary tour of the country. Can you tell me a little more about

Mike Leven in an exclusive interview: “Casinos will be smoke-free”

After a round-the-world trip from the States to Madrid, Tel-Aviv and Macau, Michael Leven addressed – in a very straightforward manner - some of the hottest topics surrounding LVS’ operations

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