Girl About Globe | Clean air, no bull

Here’s an idea. Macau could have a hotel called The New Zealander Macau. No casino. Just hills, cable cars and thermal pools – all indoors.   

Girl About Globe | How China could end Rain and Snow – and avoid Typhoons

William is one of the top three names for newborn boys in the USA. Under Trump, it seems more and more people are making a Will. But

Girl About Globe | The politics of tuft love

Are you rocking a fine ‘pit this month, ladies? Januhairy is a campaign in which participating women grow their body hair. The aim is to get women

Girl About Globe | Tinder for Sofas

You need something soft in your life. Something welcoming at home. For Netflix and chilling. You turn to online options. You swipe. You swipe more. Something catches your

Girl About Globe | ‘Fish and Ships’ law, please.

Fish provide an alibi for doing nothing - ‘Gone Fishing’. They comfort us after a broken heart - ‘plenty more fish in the sea’. And they help us

Girl About Globe | An Alternative Preview of Christmas Toys

At this time of year, it’s hard to raise your eyes from writing Christmas cards (ho ho ho) without seeing a list of ‘Best Selling Toys for 2018.’

Girl About Globe | Forget a healthy economy. Cough-tails, anyone?

It seems as though the eyes of every passenger on the ferry are boring into me, or at least the peepers that aren’t closed due to tipsy drowsiness.

Girl About Globe | Hallowmornin’after. Spooky-pretty it ain’t.

November 1st is much better than Hallowe’en. Today, it’s ok to have hair that could scare and makeup smudged across your face. Hallowmornin’after is a female grooming holiday.

Girl About Globe | HK’s high-growth economy must include trees

Hong Kong has a shady past. I hope it has a shady future. A few days after the super-typhoon hit last month, I sat at a

Girl About Globe | It’s not calorie counting – it’s Feedbit Connectivity

It’s a mystery to me why no one has come up with Feedbit. It would be like Fitbit but, instead of counting steps taken and calories burned,

Girl About Globe | Mozzie Zeus

Have you ended summer with more insect bites than ever before? I have. The current ones, inflicted by mosquitos in Mykonos, Greece, have created topographical issues on my

Girl About Globe | Do my cells look fat in this?

‘You’ve lost a trillionth of a gram’. One day, our bathroom scales may report this weight loss goal. And we will be happy. For years, I’ve had

Girl About Globe | No more getting horizontal?

New bank notes were unveiled in Hong Kong recently, with the designs in vertical layout for the first time.  Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland will launch bills

Girl About Globe | Is baijiu the new Aperol spritz?

World Baijiu Day is coming up soon. If you’re reading this outside China, baijiu is a powerful spirit. The name means ‘white liquor’. It’s a unit through which

Girl About Globe | Blast from the past on Italy’s roads

Being hunted down by Italian police, across nations and borders, is not a thing that happens to me much. But I just had a Mafia moment and there’s

Girl About Globe | Political Football

Why has the picture agency Getty been in trouble during the World Cup?  They created a gallery of photos of attractive female fans. Their post, ‘The hottest fans

Girl About Globe | Ye gots! The rise of ‘got it’.

‘Got it’ culture is upon us. You will surely have encountered ‘got it’. A recent example in my life came on Twitter.  When I logged in, I was

Girl About Globe | A weekend with your banknote besties! 

A coin has been issued to commemorate the Donald Trump/Kim Jong Un summit. It came out long before the date of the on-again, off-again meeting. On the coin,

Girl About Globe | Windsors v Weibo

So what now? I suggest Harry and Meghan go on a Royal Tour of China. A trade mission, or a piece of activism for the UK. The reason is

Girl About Globe | A Scottish Gamble for Macau?

Here’s the plan: a new casino hotel, called The Glaswegian Macau. A sister hotel to The Venetian, The Parisian, and a rival to the upcoming Cotai Sands rebrand,

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