Q&A | James Liang Jianzhang: ‘The data says we should be optimistic about November, December’

The chairman and co-founder of Trip.com Group, China’s largest online tour agency, co-hosted a special livestreaming event yesterday at The Venetian Macao integrated resort hoping to draw mainland visitors back

Q&A: Pun Weng Kun | ID to continue pursuit of better sports facilities

Having been at the helm of local sports since March 2016, the president of the Sports Bureau (ID), Pun Weng Kun, had his term extended in late February this year

Q&A: Nadia Chan | Prepare young children for school with experience-learning, not words

The Times spoke to a clinical psychologist about this. Nadia Chan is categorized as a psychotherapist under Macau law, and knows how to prepare parents and children for the psychological

Q&A: Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes MGTO Director | ‘MGTO duties and roles to remain unchanged after Secretariat swap’

Since starting work at the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) in 1988, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes has served in leadership roles at the tourism board for the past 22

Q&A | Robert Goldstein, Wilfred Wong, David Beckham: London to land in Macau with touch of Beckham

David Beckham returned to Macau this week for the announcement of The Londoner Macao integrated resort - the latest property to be unveiled by Sands

Q&A: Torsten Müller-Otvös Rolls-Royce CEO | Rolls-Royce will never make a hybrid car: CEO

This week, Rolls- Royce unleashed its USD325,000 Cullinan on the back roads and double-diamond ski runs of Wyoming’s Grand Teton mountain range. The press launch

Q&A | Robin Moyer, Winner of World Press Photo Premier Award (1983): ‘Photojournalists are not dead, they are working really hard all around the globe’

With a career spanning almost 50 years, the American photographer, journalist and author Robin Moyer has photographed many of the world’s most interesting events, places

Q&A | Victoria Willing – Artist and writer: ‘Men are still in power; all we need is more balance’

Victoria Willing is a well-known London-based actress, voice artist and writer, known for her work in several movies and TV series productions, such as “The

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