Tourist raped twice in hotel room

A mainland tourist faces prosecution after he lured another Chinese visitor into his hotel room via a dating phone application, and allegedly raped her twice on the weekend.
Early in the morning of May 30, the 25-year-old victim agreed to the online invitation from the suspect, who is reportedly from the northern Chinese province of Hellongjiang, to his hotel room in Cotai. Some time into their conversation, the suspect, who claimed to be in town for gambling, suddenly forced the victim to have sex with him and raped her twice. Unable to counter immediately, the victim only managed to escape the room while the suspect was asleep.
Police authorities barged into the room some hours later and caught the suspect after the victim had approached the police in the company of a cousin who was travelling with her.
Separately, the Judiciary Police announced yesterday during a press conference that a mainland businessman had been detained following his failed attempt to extort his landlord for operating an illegal inn in the NAPE district last Saturday. Furthermore, the 35-year-old suspect also tried to accuse his landlord of stealing his belongings.
The farce came to light after the outraged local landlord called the police on the weekend. According to the authorities’ account, a wallet together with a cellphone, which the suspect claimed to have been stolen, were actually untouched in his room, which he rented for three days. During the altercation between the landlord and the suspect, the latter also threatened to disclose to police that the former was renting his home to visitors if he denied the theft claim.
Finally, the mainlander faces a charge of false accusation, while the landlord was charged with running an illegal inn.

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