Courts | After suspensions revoked, Wong to mull new punishment

Two employees of the Fire Services Bureau (CB) whose suspensions were rejected by the Court of Final Appeal (TUI) will still be punished by the security

Briefs | Macau film development made easier in China

China’s State Film Administration unveiled yesterday new measures to support the further development of the Hong Kong and Macau film industries on the mainland. There would be no quantitative

Crime | Scamming the scammer’s wife

The Judiciary Police (PJ) have learned that a female resident of Macau has been scammed by a local man in a case that dates back to early

Economic reliance on tourism sector stands at nearly 30%

The Macau SAR’s reliance on the tourism pillar of the economy stood at just under 30% in 2017, taking the world number three spot behind just

Tourism | First quarter visitors rise to surpass 10m mark

The number of visitors to Macau in the first quarter of 2019 rose more than 21% year-on- year surpassing the 10 million mark, according to the

Health | Bill to restrict licenses for Chinese medicine practitioners

The Health Bureau (SSM) will stop issuing new licenses to Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, masseurs, dental professionals and sports medicine therapists once the city’s latest medical professional

Environment | DSPA records just two complaints on Hengqin noise

Macau’s Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) has informed the Times that it has received two noise complaints about various Hengqin construction projects since the start of the year.

CE election | Sulu Sou ready for backlash on long democracy road

Lawmaker Sulu Sou’s appeal to the Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary in relation to a proposal to amend the electoral law of the Chief Executive (CE)

Hong Kong | Liaison official denounces ‘anti-China’ foreign collusion

The Liaison Office Director in Hong Kong, Wang Zhimin, recently criticized the fact that there are some people in Hong Kong “colluding with anti-China politicians and

Archeological find | China confirms oldest tomb with squatting owner

A 13,500-year-old tomb with a headless woman “squatting” inside, was confirmed as the oldest Chinese tomb where the owner was laid to rest in a certain posture. The

China-Lusophone trade up 15% in Jan, Feb

The value of trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries reached USD23.58 billion in the two months of January and February 2019, an increase of 15.6% year-

Home price growth accelerates in credit comeback

New-home price growth in China snapped a four-month weakening streak, one of the first official signs there may be a widespread recovery in the nation’s housing market.

Chinese stocks rally most in weeks as banks, telecoms lead

China stocks rallied, after the central bank’s decision to inject cash into the financial system alleviated concerns that officials would hold back on stimulus. The CSI

Winner of USD1.2 million Tiger wager was first-time sports bettor

The man who won a record-setting USD1.2 million payout for betting that Tiger Woods would win the Masters golf tournament was a first-time sports bettor who

HNA unit’s lenders play hardball after default, may seize assets

A unit of HNA Group Co. defaulted on a loan it took out less than seven months ago, the latest in a string of missed payments that

Currency | Yuan is so sleepy traders scour complex ways to profit

An increasingly dull yuan is prompting currency traders to get more creative. The currency has been flat against the dollar since late February, with a

India is said to cut trade deficit with China by USD10b

India cut its trade deficit with China by the most in more than a decade, according to people familiar with the data, as it boosted exports

Taiwan | President denounces Chinese military ‘coercion’

Chinese attempts at military coercion only strengthen Taiwan’s resolve to defend itself, the president of the self-governing island republic said yesterday. Tsai Ing-wen’s comments followed

Foxconn’s Terry Gou mulling Run for Taiwan presidency

Billionaire Foxconn founder Terry Gou said he was considering a run for Taiwan’s presidency, adding a powerful symbol of Chinese business ties to the field

Brunei wants to punish gay sex with death by stoning – can boycotts stop it?

The sultan of Brunei has been on the throne for 52 years, making him the second- longest reigning monarch in the world, after Queen Elizabeth II.

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