The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg II

(Continued from “The Standard- Bearers of Württemberg” on June 9 2017) Affectionately referred to by locals as the Ländle (literally: Little Land), Swabia (Schwaben) is a historic,

Wine Storage

Allow me to start with what might be breaking news, and which took me several years to convince my dad: a wine that is older does not necessarily

The Southwestern Sweetie

Named after the eponymous commune, Monbazillac was amongst the very first batch of appellations to be granted AOC status by INAO (Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité)

An Italian Play

When you study wine and open the Italian chapter you can expect to have a few sleepless nights since this is probably the most complex wine producing country

The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg

One of Germany’s 16 Federal States, Baden-Württemberg covers some 35,750 sqkm and has a total population of just under 11 million. If Baden-Württemberg were an independent country

Old World versus New World

The wine world is divided into two main categories: The Old World (basically Europe and a part of the Middle East) and the New World (Chile, Argentina, the

The Gentry of Rheinhessen

Demarcated clockwise by the Rhine in the north and east, the Haardt Mountains in the south and the Nahe in the west, Rheinhessen is situated on the left bank

Sparkling World

Sparkling wine has this charm that it can please as much new drinkers as wine connoisseurs. It’s probably the most cheerful of the wines and some could almost

The Austrian Hotsprings II

(Continued from “The Austrian Hotsprings” on April 7 2017) The viticultural and winemaking history of Thermenregion can be traced back to more than 2,000 years ago, when


Quality wine in the world is roughly produced between 30 and 50 degrees latitude. While you could probably grow grapes in Macao the final result will give a

Grape Power II

The only ambition of these articles is to give some general rules or keys for a better understanding and enjoyment of wine.  As Leon Adams said: “Anyone

Grape Power I

One of the astonishing facts about wine is that even being made only out of grapes, yet it offers so many different kind of styles, emotions and characters. Despite the

The Garden of France

Meandering some 1,000km from source (Massif Central) to mouth (Saint-Nazaire), the Loire is the longest river in France, and possibly its sweetest and most pedestrian, punctuated by château

The Austrian Hotsprings

One of the nine Bundesländer (Federal States) of Austria, Niederösterreich – or Lower Austria – completely envelops the capital Vienna, and is administratively subdivided into four regions: Waldviertel

The Hollow of Broadbay

In the ever-expanding universe of alcoholic beverage, Ileach single malt is no doubt one of the most peculiar and instantly recognisable, on a par with Tokaji Eszencia, vin

The Pride of Peru III

(Continued from “The Pride of Peru II” on 10 March 2017) Pisco is, in a nutshell, a double-distilled grape must-based aguardiente, i.e. brandy. The term Pisco originated

The Valley of Green Grass

Of the 100 or so operating single malt distilleries in Scotland, Glenfarclas stands out as a little rarity. In a world increasingly inundated with NAS (no age statement)

The Pride of Peru II

(Continued from “The Pride of Peru” on February 17, 2017) The jewel in the Spanish crown, the Viceroyalty of Peru used to be amongst the most prosperous

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