The Icon of Serbia II

(Continued from “The Icon of Serbia” on 18 May 2018) Covering some 88,000 sqkm (with Kosovo) or 77,000 sqkm (without Kosovo) and with a population of just over 7

The Andean Steed

Due to various reasons, tasting barrel samples of wine is usually rarer than tasting barrel samples of spirits, e.g. brandy and whisky. For starters, brandy and whisky can theoretically age

The Alpine Bastion IV

(Continued from “The Alpine Bastion III” on 1 June 2018) Juxtaposed with German and French, which serve as sole or joint official languages in 21 and seven cantons respectively,

The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VIII

(Continued from “The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VII” on 2 March 2017) The love story between wine and oak can be traced back to time immemorial, but the

The Southern Pétrus

For oenophiles and even the most ardent Francophiles, Sud-Ouest remains the one unconquered territory lurking at the edge of the French realm. It would be futile to attempt

The Yellow Wine from France

The annual Le French GourMay tends to feature single wine regions as official themes, e.g. Bourgogne in 2013, Vallée du Rhône in 2014, Alsace in 2016 and Champagne in 2017,

The Coterie of Champions

Since its inception in 1984, the International Wine Challenge (“IWC”) has gradually established itself as one of the most authoritative tasting competitions in the world. Its insistence on

The Alpine Bastion III

(Continued from “The Alpine Bastion II” on 20 April 2018) Despite the upper hand French grape varieties and French-speaking cantons continue to enjoy in Swiss viticulture and

Rosé is the New Black

May is the month when trees, vines, parking tickets (at least in Macao) and women are blossoming. (Women are last on my list but first in my heart; I

The Icon of Serbia

Glancing over the map of Europe, one tends to take it for granted that wine belongs to the Catholic south, beer to the Protestant north and vodka to the

Le Cesar highlights authentic Portuguese dishes

The city’s dining scene, particularly in Taipa Village, has recently been increasing in popularity, offering a variety of delicacies including local cuisine as well as authentic

The New Face of Dão

Alongside Chianti fiasco, Franken bocksbeutel and Rioja wire netting, Dão’s jute wrapping must be one of the most distinctive and instantly recognisable wine bottle designs in the world. Dão

The Burgundian Exception

Everyone knows by heart that Bourgogne is all about Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Hawk-eyed oenophiles may add Gamay, Aligoté, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc to the list, whereas

The Hessian Mountains

Possessing merely 462ha of vineyards (source: Deutscher Wein Statistik 2017 by Deutsches Weininstitut), Hessische Bergstraße is the smallest of Germany’s 13 wine regions by both hectarage and production,

The Alpine Bastion II

(Continued from “The Alpine Bastion” on 30 March 2018) The Swiss Confederation comprises a total of 26 cantons, sharing amongst themselves 4 official languages, namely German, French,

Sweet Art

With sugar as Public Enemy No. 1, sweet white wines are becoming less and less popular in the world. Even less popular in China where white wines are

The Temple of Kamptal

Niederösterreich is Austria’s largest wine region, comprising a total of eight subregions, namely Carnuntum, Kamptal, Kremstal, Thermenregion, Traisental, Wachau, Wagram and Weinviertel. Of the octet, Wachau, Kremstal and

The Alpine Bastion

Switzerland is a distinct anomaly in numerous regards: situated in the heart of Western Europe and the only country that borders the three largest countries on the continent

The New Pinnacle of Spain

Possessing the most vines and vineyards amongst all wine-producing countries in the world, Spain is, somewhat counter-intuitively, just the third largest by volume. This curious discrepancy is largely due

The Ceylonese Palm

Strategically located in the central-north Indian Ocean, the Island of Sri Lanka has perfect access to the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea – little wonder that

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