Wanted: Media directors for Chinese temple

Help wanted: Ancient Buddhist temple famed for its kung fu monks seeks media directors to build brand. English and social media skills required. Not necessary to be a monk, practice

FOOD SAFETY | 21 local food producers found using Taiwan gutter oil

Macau is enduring another food safety scandal. A local food oil importer has recalled around 300 barrels of Taiwanese cooking oils that were suspected to contain gutter oil. The Civic

La Casa del Habano opens eyeing Cuban cigar aficionados

Limited editions, Cuban vintage cigars, and 27 Cuban brands sit on the shelves of what its owner describes as the largest La Casa del Habano in Asia, which opened its

Number of HK laborers in the city triples in two years

Although Hong Kong faces a shortage in construction workers, the number of non-resident laborers (TNR) from the neighboring SAR working in Macau’s construction industry was found to have tripled in

MUSIC | Macao Youth Choir wins gold medal in Singapore contest

Under the leadership of the director of the conservatory’s music school, Liu Chang, the choir won its gold medal on the competition’s fourth day. “In the year that marks the 15th

Heritage Association concerned with capacity for local tourism

The Macau government has been trying to divert visitors to areas within the city that were previously unpopular with tourists. Some pointed out that this measure, which aims to reduce

CRIME | PJ warns against new phone fraud tactic

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has urged residents to be vigilant against a new phone fraud tactic involving the impersonation of mainland police and post office personnel. In a public notice released

Air Macau CEO departs the company

Nevertheless, there has been no news on his successor. Mr Zhu has already returned to the Beijing headquarters of Air China and assumed the position of adviser to the president and

Gov’t spends MOP5.3m on transportation habits survey

Four surveys have been commissioned to Umtec Limited, a company working in conjunction with the University of Macau, to understand Macau citizens’ current transportation needs and habits. Three of the surveys

BRIEFS | Int’l Fireworks Display Contest program update

The 26th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest will take place on the Macau Tower waterfront today, as well as on September 13, 20 and 27 and on China National Day

APEC tourism meeting seen as opportunity to boost region’s image

The 8th Ministerial meeting of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) tourism is an excellent opportunity to promote Macau’s image in the world and one of the most important events marking the

Growth of Angola’s economy expected to contract to 3.9 pct

The rate of growth of Angola’s economy is expected to decelerate to 3.9 percent in 2014 after posting growth of 6.8 percent in 2013, with the agricultural sector offsetting a

Portugal puts 31.5 pct of national postal company up for sale

The Portuguese government plans to sell the 31.5 percent stake that the state still holds in Portuguese postal company CTT - Correios de Portugal, state shareholdings company Parpública said in

Apple reviewing claims of new labor violations in China

A report by China Labor Watch and Green America found that Tainan, Taiwan-based Catcher Technology had 22 labor violations. They documented forced, unpaid overtime and improper handling of hazardous materials

Macau casino bulls seen capitulating after stocks tumble

Macau casino analysts are a persistent bunch. After shares of Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. and five listed peers tumbled an average 27 percent in the past six months through Thursday,

Corporate Bits | HK diva Liza Wang performs at the Venetian

The entertainment queen kick started the concert by singing one of her famous songs “Beautiful Entertainment World,” to welcome her Macau audience. The diva then continued to energize fans with

HONG KONG | UK accepting chief executive election limits ‘insult,’ Chan says

Ting Shi and Jasmine Wang The U.K. government’s acceptance of China’s plan for limiting free elections in its former colony of Hong Kong is a “great insult,” said the city’s former

Alibaba seeks to raise up to USD24.3b in IPO record

China’s Alibaba Group is seeking to raise up to USD24.3 billion in its upcoming IPO — an amount that would be the most raised by a company in a stock market

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