Ask the Vet | How to tell if your marmoset monkey is sick

Wasting Away Marmoset monkeys are susceptible to wasting syndrome, a bodily invasion of the pancreatic worm Trichospirura leptostoma, which is transmitted through the household cockroach. For this reason, household sanitation is

Angola’s investment agency to have offices in all provinces

Angola’s National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP) plans, from 2015, to open offices in all 18 provinces of the country, to facilitate contacts with companies submitting investment proposals, ANIP’s president

Brazilian group Oi approves sale of PT Portugal

The Board of Directors of Brazilian telecom group Oi Thursday approved the sale of PT Portugal to French group Altice, and the sale also needs to be approved by the

Hong Kong | Teen protest leader Joshua Wong ends hunger strike

A prominent teenage leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests ended his hunger strike Saturday after 4 1/2 days at his doctor’s urging. The decision by Joshua Wong, the movement’s most prominent

Gov’t slams Philippines over South China Sea case

China yesterday again rejected an attempt by the Philippines to challenge its vast territorial claims over the South China Sea through international arbitration, a week before a deadline for Beijing to respond to

Beijing blocks carbon review sought by US at UN talks

China rejected scrutiny of efforts to limit carbon emissions, a key tool that the U.S. says is necessary as more than 190 countries work to devise a new deal to

Ex-security czar Zhou’s arrest makes Xi stronger

The criminal case against China’s ex-security chief not only plays to public demands to curb corruption but spells the downfall of one of President Xi Jinping’s biggest rivals, puts other challengers on

North Korea | Pyongyang denies Sony Pictures hack, calls it ‘righteous deed’ 

North Korea released a statement yesterday that clearly relished a cyberattack on Sony Pictures, which is producing an upcoming film that depicts an assassination plot against Pyongyang’s supreme leader. While denying

Vietnam | 2nd blogger detained in crackdown 

Vietnamese police detained a second blogger in a week in the latest crackdown on dissent in the Communist country. Blogger and writer Nguyen Quang Lap was taken into custody and his

Philippines | No major damage as typhoon Hagupit hits; 3 dead 

Typhoon Hagupit knocked out power, left at least three  people dead and sent nearly 900,000 into shelters before it weakened yesterday, sparing the central Philippines the type of massive devastation

India | Woman accuses Uber taxi driver of rape

Investigators found a taxi that was abandoned by the 32-year-old driver, police officer Alma Ming said. Ming said the woman, who works at a finance company, was returning from a dinner

USA | White House sends 6 prisoners from Guantanamo to Uruguay 

Six prisoners held for 12 years at Guantanamo Bay have been sent to Uruguay to be resettled as refugees, the U.S. government announced yesterday — a deal that had been delayed for

Yemen | American, South African hostages killed

An American photojournalist and a South African teacher were killed Saturday during a high-risk, U.S.-led raid to free them from al-Qaida militants in Yemen, a turbulent Arab country that is a

Texas biologists warm chilled sea turtles

Marine biologists have flown dozens of endangered sea turtles from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Galveston, Texas, for treatment of hypothermia. The 50 Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, a critically endangered species, were

Mexico | 1st ID from remains in case of missing 43 students

More than two months after they disappeared, concrete evidence is beginning to emerge on the fate of 43 college students whose case has caused a political crisis in Mexico. At least

Hollywood bows to Chinese censors while courting investors

Hollywood film studios are courting Chinese investors to gain access to the world’s most populous nation, brushing aside concerns that their new partners will seek to censor the next generation

This Day In History: 1980 John Lennon shot dead

The 40-year-old was shot several times as he entered the Dakota, his luxury apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, opposite Central Park, at 2300 local time. He was rushed

Offbeat | Zimbabwe gets Doris Lessing’s book collection

Nobel Prize-winning novelist Doris Lessing, who died last year, spent her early years in Zimbabwe. She is still giving back to the country whose former white rulers banished her for

MLB sued by minor leaguers who say contracts pinch salaries

Major League Baseball was sued by four minor league ballplayers who say their freedom to negotiate with other teams is unlawfully restricted by a rule giving their club a right

Team Brunel holds Volvo Ocean Race 2nd-leg lead

Three teams have held the Volvo Ocean Race second leg lead within the last 24 hours as the fleet sped toward the stage’s conclusion in Abu Dhabi. Dutch team Team Brunel,

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