Israel | Palestinian attacker stabs passengers on Tel Aviv bus

  A Palestinian man stabbed nine people on a bus in central Tel Aviv yesterday, wounding four of them seriously before he was chased down, shot and arrested by Israeli police

USA | Obama calls for closing income gap

  U.S. President Barack Obama declared the U.S. economy healed and said the nation now must begin work to close the gap between the well-off and the wanting. “Tonight we turn the

This Day in History: 1980 Soviet dissident Sakharov banished

One of the Soviet Union’s most outspoken critics, nuclear physicist Dr Andrei Sakharov, has been ordered into internal exile. Officials in Moscow were angered by an interview Dr Sakharov gave

Offbeat | Man cited in US for eating cheeseburger while driving

A man says he was cited by police outside Atlanta for eating a cheeseburger while driving. Madison Turner tells Atlanta station WSB-TV ( he ordered a double quarter-pounder with cheese

Roof open or closed for Super Bowl?

  The Super Bowl stadium in sunny Arizona will present a dilemma for NFL officials as they grapple with a question that is faced by many pro sports teams in an

Boston organizers to make 2024 Olympic bid info public

  Boston residents will get their first chance on today to see how Olympic organizers would handle the 2024 Summer Games if they are awarded to the Massachusetts city. Local bid organizers

HK Observer: Reality Checks

How will Hong Kong continue to be governed, given the great social impasses revealed during the Occupy Movement?  On the one hand, there are those seeking Beijing’s good will, which

Thursday, January 22, 2015 – edition no. 2234

* Locally based actress tries to pursue career in China * Court postpones Luís Amorim trial * IPM students protest social worker registration proposal * Progressive agenda in state of the union speech   DOWNLOAD

The Buzz | Thai agency seeks prosecution of ex-ministers for rice sale

Thailand’s anti-graft agency has called for corruption charges against a former commerce minister and his deputy for allegedly committing fraud in a government-to-government rice sale. National Anti-Corruption Commissioner Wicha Mahakhun said

World briefs

CHINA’s leadership has issued guidelines requiring universities to strengthen ideological controls in classrooms and telling professors to champion Marxism, traditional culture and socialist core values. The orders come as President

Nobel laureate Gbowee: Security Council must reform itself

Nobel peace laureate Leemah Gbowee told the Security Council yesterday (Macau time) that people across the world are living in fear and she urged the U.N.’s most powerful body to

Irish minister and new consul arrive on first ever visit

Situated on almost opposite sides of the world, at first glance it might not seem like there’s much in common between Macau and Ireland. But actually you’d be wrong. As

Alexis Tam | Social service sector Human resources shortage to be countered with overseas specialists

In response to the human resources shortage plaguing Macau’s social service sector, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, said that Macau has the resources to import specialists

Funding pattern for social service providers needs adjustment

Macau’s government needs to adjust the pattern of how it has supported the social service sector, as current models might no longer be helpful, said the Secretary for Social Affairs

Education | Regional cooperation | Language center expands to China

The institute’s president, Carlos André, revealed that resources are being directed to mainland China, where around 50 professors will be allocated to several universities. “In Macau we will train Portuguese teachers

Property developer calls for regulation of rental properties

Ung Choi Kun, president of the Association of Property Agents and Realty Developers of Macau, said on a TDM radio show yesterday that the Macau government needs to regulate the

CRIME | Man breaks into 12 cars in 11 days

The Public Security Police (PSP) have detained a man alleged to have broken into 12 cars in Taipa since January 9. Information suggests that PSP officers were patrolling near the

Ceilidh Night School fosters traditional Scottish music and dance

Spinning and dancing with a group of primary six (P6) students in Gaelic music, it would be easy to think you’re in Scotland when you’re actually in the hall of

Protesters to demand an apology from Fong Chi Keong

Macau Conscience is planning a march on January 24 at 3pm to demand the abolition of government appointed seats in the Legislative Assembly (AL) after the speech made last week

Works suspended at City of Dreams after fatal accident

Information suggests that the man was pinned under the machine on the ground following the accident and had to be rescued by firefighters. He was found dead at the scene. The

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