Steven Gerrard retires from international football

England captain Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from international football yesterday to focus on playing for Liverpool. The 34-year-old midfielder made 114 appearances for England over 14 years. Gerrard said he “agonized”

Our Desk: Learning to stop!

Since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza last Saturday, the ever-lasting conflict between Israeli and Palestinians has escalated rapidly once more. We’ve seen this before. Over and over again.

World briefs

CHINA The strongest typhoon to hit southern China in four decades has killed 17 people after claiming at least 94 lives in the Philippines, officials say. ISRAEL says it has widened

THE BUZZ: No Macau residents amongst MH17 passengers

The Macau Tourism Crisis Management Office has revealed that, from the information that has been gathered so far, no Macau residents were among the passengers of the Malaysia Airlines flight

HEALTH | Teen’s death in Ohio puts focus on caffeine powder dangers

A few weeks before their prom king’s death, students at an Ohio high school had attended an assembly on narcotics that warned about the dangers of heroin and prescription painkillers. But it was

Gov’t consults public on affordable housing law amendment

The consultation document consists of two parts. The first focuses on the overall direction of the affordable and social housing, while the second is about the partial amendment of the

European Trade Centre in Tianjin looking for investors in Macau

The European Trade Centre (ETC) project, which is currently under development in the Chinese city of Tianjin, was recently unveiled in Macau, with its representatives emphasizing the business opportunities for

Prison suffers from shortage of hands

Macau Prison (EPM) director Lee Kam Cheong claimed that they have always faced a shortage of hands. It plans to hire more than 70 people to fill the various vacancies.

Facebook vigilante group shames appalling taxi drivers

When people talk about the taxi service in Macau, many will share stories of their being scammed by dodgy drivers. On Facebook, a group called “Macau Taxi Driver Shame”, created

Macau and HK strengthening cooperation on food safety

The two SARs gathered last weekend in Macau for the 7th Hong Kong Macau Cooperation High Level Meeting, in which they discussed issues of mutual interest, promising to enhance cooperation

TAM: MSAR determined to help raise financial safety of Asia-Pacific region

The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Mr Francis Tam, has assured that Macau will reinforce its efforts in contributing to the Asia-Pacific region’s financial safety. Addressing the audience of the 17th

How Malaysia Airlines can salvage its brand

Malaysia Airlines is in uncharted territory after the disappearance of Flight 370 in March with 239 people aboard was followed last week by the downing of another of its jets,

Brazil and China sign agreements worth USD7.5 billion

Along with a number of energy, finance and industrial agreements signed Thursday in Brasilia in the presence of presidents Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff, the two nations also agreed to

East Timor oil fund grows

The Timor Leste (East Timor) Oil Fund at the end of the first quarter of the year totalled USD15.7 billion, according to a report on the fund from the first

China, Russia leaders seek South American inroads

It’s enough to make an aging U.S. Cold Warrior shudder. During overlapping visits to Latin America, the leaders of China and Russia have been welcomed with open arms by governments that

Mainland’s clout on show with BRICS bank formation

A developing nation version of the World Bank was formally agreed this week two years after India proposed the idea to Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. Yet even as

RIMPAC | Beijing sends spy ship as vessels join largest US naval drill

China sent a surveillance vessel to waters off Hawaii just as the country participated for the first time in the world’s largest naval exercise that’s held in the area, the

Highway collision kills at least 43

The death toll from the southern China highway collision between a bus and a truck loaded with flammable liquid rose to 43 yesterday. The state-run Xinhua News Agency said the truck

Strongest storm in decades in south China kills 18

The strongest typhoon to hit southern China in four decades has killed 18 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes, the government and state media said yesterday, while in

MH17 | Anti-Russia sentiment running deep in Malaysia

Many Malaysians are urging their government and world leaders to take a tough stance against Russia after pro-Russia rebels allegedly shot down a Malaysia Airlines jet, with some calling for

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