China criticizes S&P credit rating cut

China’s Finance Ministry on Friday criticized the cut in the Standard & Poor’s rating agency’s credit rating on Chinese government borrowing as a “wrong decision” and said

Rear Window | Undermining itself

While the ripples of Hato disaster still dominate MSAR life… perhaps it is a convenient, if not an auspicious, occasion to address what prevents Macau from being the

Monday, September 25, 2017 – edition no. 2894

* Cultural Affairs Bureau lists 15 elements of intangible heritage * Labor Law changes under consultation * Science Center reopens this week * Three killed, 27 injured in Hong Kong   DOWNLOAD PDF   * Campus wars: Has

North Korean leader Kim called Trump a what? A ‘dotard’

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Famous for using bombastic, derogatory and often-awkward English slams against enemies, North Korean state media sent people scrambling for dictionaries today (Friday) with a dispatch

Google alerts pro-democracy candidates of hacking attempts

Activist and pro-democrat Jason Chao said that he, along with other pro-democrat election candidates, received notifications from social media, email, and instant messaging service providers, including an alert from

The ATM at 50: How it’s changed consumer behavior

An automated teller machine. The cash machine. In Britain, a cashpoint. ATMs, known for spitting out USD20 bills (and imposing fees if you pick the wrong one),

CTM rolls out Senado Sq. free Wi-Fi

Telecommunications firm CTM has announced the rollout of a number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in shops and tourist attractions in the Senado Square area. At a public

Real Madrid to built virtual attraction in Hengqin

Spanish football club Real Madrid will help to place Hengqin Island on the world map, following their announcement that they will reserve

Guangdong mega-infrastructure to link seven cities, but HK

Planners from Guangdong Province have announced a project that will link seven cities surrounding the Pearl River estuary area with Guangzhou, but Hong Kong has been ominously excluded from

Briefs | Inflation at 1.3pct in August

The Composite Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key measure of inflation, increased by 1.36 percent year-on-year in August to 109.57, the Statistics and Census Service said yesterday. The

Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy filing won’t affect Asia

The bankruptcy filing of Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc. earlier this week will not affect Asian branches of the international toy seller it has emerged, after the company

Painting and calligraphy exhibition at Anim’Arte

The painting and calligraphy exhibition “Purge one’s mind: Trio exhibition by Leong Kit Man, Im Hok Lon and Mok Hei Sai” will be opened on Monday at

Adelson among ‘greatest living business minds,’ Forbes says

Las Vegas Sands chairman and chief executive officer, Sheldon Adelson has been featured in Forbes magazine’s special centennial issue, which was released this week, as one of

Wynn: Enhanced self-esteem key to motivate employees

“You need to have a culture instead of a payroll, so that people watch themselves. What does this? Not money, but enhanced self-esteem,” Wynn said

Real Estate Matters | Some Interesting Facts About Macau Property

1. THE LAW ON SECURITY DEPOSITS The usual security deposit (or ‘bond’ as it is sometimes called) in Macau is an amount equivalent to 2 months

Google buys HTC’s Pixel team in USD1.1b bet on devices

Google is biting off a big piece of device manufacturer HTC for USD1.1 billion to expand its efforts to build phones, speakers and other gadgets equipped with

Taiwan-US | Attorneys say portions of Foxconn law could be unconstitutional

Nonpartisan attorneys for the Wisconsin Legislature are warning that portions of a newly signed law speeding up legal appeals related to a planned flat-screen display factory could

Taipei signs USD576m wheat deal with United States

Taiwan has once again agreed to purchase a large share of U.S. wheat over the next two years, with most of it coming from Idaho, North Dakota

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