Hong Kong arrests Cardinal Zen, three others

Hong Kong authorities arrested a Roman Catholic cardinal, a singer and two others today (Wednesday) on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces to endanger China's national security, reports said. Cardinal Joseph

China labels WHO remarks on ‘zero-Covid’ ‘irresponsible’

China today (Wednesday) defended sticking to its strict "zero-COVID" approach, calling critical remarks from the head of the World Health Organization "irresponsible." The response from the Foreign Ministry came after WHO

Labor disputes go on, but little to no wins for migrants

Labor disputes reported by non-resident workers have recorded a slight increase in the first quarter of this year compared to last year, despite the decreasing

Elections 87% of voters opt for Marcos Jr.

87% of Filipinos in the Macau SAR have voted for the namesake son of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, securing a total of 8,699 votes.

Opinions call for clearer talent acquisition criteria

Some opinions submitted on the Talent Acquisition System have requested that the government set clearer criteria for its talent acquisition initiative, such as changing its name

MOP200,000 raised for family of passed food deliverer

The surviving family of the food deliverer who recently passed away in a car accident has received donations of nearly MOP200,000 raised by the Macao Federation

entry restrictions are losing local athletes’ international experience

The restrictions imposed since 2020 on local residents’ entry and reentry into Macau are contributing to a loss of the international experience previously enjoyed by local

Professional tax refund to start at month-end

The professional tax refund will start to be received by local taxpayers at the end of this month, the Financial Services Bureau (DSF) informed in a

Health authorities hope special needs patients can be cared by family

Local health authorities hope that family members of patients with reduced mobility or that need special care can be on the frontline as their caretakers in

Education bureau to rigorously safeguard subsidy funds

The Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) recently reiterated that it will persist in rigorously administering the use of the funds in the Continuing Education Subsidy Scheme,

Xi promotes Communist Party youth wing ahead of key congress

Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday promoted the role of the ruling Communist Party’s youth wing ahead of a key party congress later this year that comes amid

Shanghai re-tightens restrictions, frustrating trapped residents

The city of Shanghai is doubling down on pandemic restrictions after a brief period of loosening up, frustrating residents who were hoping a more than

Marcos Jr. won presidency, unofficial count shows

The namesake son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos appeared to have been elected Philippine president by a landslide in an astonishing reversal of the 1986 “People

Sailors seize USD82M of cocaine floating off port

Sailors deployed to secure travel during the Eid al-Fitr holiday made Indonesia’s biggest cocaine seizure after finding plastic packages of the drugs floating at sea, the

For widows in Africa, virus stole husbands, homes, future

As Anayo Mbah went into labor with her sixth child, her husband battled COVID-19 in another hospital across town. Jonas, a young motorcycle taxi driver, had been

1971 Britain’s oldest tabloid close

The Daily Sketch newspaper which was founded in 1909 has been published for the last time. Enclosed in today’s souvenir issue was a copy of its sister paper the

Bodies found in Lake Mead renew interest in Vegas mob lore

Las Vegas is being flooded with lore about organized crime after a second set of human remains emerged within a week from the depths of a

SJM launches program promoting Macau brands

SJM Resorts has recently unveiled the “SJM SME Cooperation Programme,” an initiative that promotes Macau’s home-grown brands.  This month, the group launched the “Made in Macau,” a shopping

Sands China launches new post-maternity benefits

Sands China Ltd. recently launched a new set of post-maternity benefits for team members, as part of the company’s commitment to an equitable workplace that safeguards the rights of

Eight in expanded Champions League first stage: insiders

Revisions for the expanded Champions League format have been agreed on by UEFA officials, clubs and leagues with a scaled-back first phase and a curb on

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