Briefs | Gov’t receives 37,000 subsidized housing applications


About 37,000 submissions to the government have been made for the latest phase of subsidized housing applications, which ended on June 26. Of these, 85% or about 31,800 applications were accepted, while 15% or about 5,600 have been partially accepted due to the absence of certain required documents. These applicants will be allowed to submit their missing documents to the Housing Bureau on or before July 24. As with the measures effective during the application period, prior bookings must be made online for submission of supplementary documents. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the application period has been extended twice, making it a seven-month long period.

Buskers disturbed by police who asked for permit not required

A busking performance at Nam Van Lake, permitted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), has allegedly been obstructed by the police, who claimed that the singers and musicians were allowed to perform but without amplifying equipment, local media outlet Macau Concealers reported. The police officer also reportedly asked for a permit that was not required according to the IC regulations. In a statement issued after the event, the police department explained that the operation was due to a report about suspected illegal workers, because the performers placed a collection box in front of them. The police state that the performers were cooperative with the check and express regret for “groundless media reports.”

Macau Journalist Association elects new management

The Macau Journalist Association has elected a new management team that will represent the association over the next two years. Ng Sio Ngai was reelected as the President of the association. Mak Chon Wa was elected as head of the Administrative Council, while Wong Dong was made the head of the Supervisory Council. Reviewing its work in the past two years, the outgoing Administrative Council recapped that it has been in effective communication with the association’s members and provided them with comments and suggestions on various challenges they have encountered amid their work. The association will continue to safeguard public interests and freedom of speech by protecting the rights of its members.

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