Fitch downgrades HK for first time since 1995

Fitch Ratings Inc. downgraded Hong Kong as an issuer of long-term, foreign currency debt for the first time since 1995, saying that the territory’s recent political turmoil raises doubts about

Shenzhen aims to have full 5G coverage by 2020

The southern tech hub of Guangdong Province will realize full 5G coverage by August 2020, the city government announced on Wednesday. Memorandums of cooperation have been signed between the Bureau

HK halts derivatives trading after technical problems

Hong Kong’s exchange operator halted derivatives trading because of technical issues for the first time in its history, deepening losses in the local stock market at a time of heightened

Carrie Lam’s retreat fails to satisfy protesters

Carrie Lam’s move to formally withdraw a bill allowing extraditions to China may well have ended the Hong Kong unrest in June. But now protesters want a lot more, and

Martial law is the latest risk worrying investors

As investors map out potential risks from Hong Kong’s summer of unrest, one tool at the government’s disposal is attracting increased attention: a colonial-era statute that

Hong Kong | China probes illegal knives in FedEx package

China is investigating FedEx Corp. on suspicion of illegally handling a package to Hong Kong containing knives that are controlled by law, the state-run Xinhua News

Hong Kong | House prices could slide 30% in worst-case scenario

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has landed on six property stocks that can best weather the Hong Kong turmoil after applying a worst-case scenario that envisages home

Carrie Lam scraps bill that sparked months of unrest

Hong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam, formally withdrew legislation to allow extraditions to China, a political retreat that may help ease - but not end

Carrie Lam says she has never asked Beijing’s permission to resign

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she never asked China for permission to resign over the historic unrest rocking the city, while acknowledging that she discussed

China sends local media to cover Hong Kong in shift from 2014

China has dispatched regional state-run media organizations to Hong Kong in an effort to better control the narrative, a shift from the widespread censorship employed during the

Aviation | China probes Cathay’s empty oxygen bottles to add to scrutiny

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. is under investigation by Chinese regulators after emergency oxygen bottles on three flights were found depleted or completely empty, compounding pressure

Fashion | Zara denies rumors stores closed due to protests

Fast-fashion giant Zara denied speculation on Chinese social media that the retailer’s employees were supporting anti-Beijing protests that disrupted some of its store operations on Monday.

Tens of thousands in Hong Kong boycott first day of school

Clad in gas masks along with their formal white school uniforms, tens of thousands of students in Hong Kong boycotted the first day of classes yesterday

How Hong Kong protests could lead to internet cut off

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said all options are on the table as she tries to quell the pro-democracy demonstrations that have rocked the city

Hong Kong | Officials urge calm while warning of ‘signs of terror’

Hong Kong authorities appealed for calm in the Asian financial center while warning that radical protesters showed “signs of terror” over the weekend in some of

Hong Kong police storm subway with batons, as protests rage

Protesters in Hong Kong threw gasoline bombs at government headquarters and set fires in the streets, while police stormed a subway car and hit passengers with

Briefs | Demonstrators swarm airport, disrupting flights

Hong Kong protesters caused major disruptions to the city’s international airport yesterday, massing outside the building in attempt to paralyze transport to and from the facility. MTR Corp.,

Opposition figures ensnared in wave of arrests

Hong Kong police arrested prominent opposition figures including Joshua Wong - and warned other protesters could share their fate at illegal demonstrations this weekend - raising

Briefs | Hong Kong: Activist leader attacked in restaurant

The leader of a Hong Kong group that has organized record-breaking marches during the protests was attacked by two unidentified armed and masked men, as the city braces

China rotates new troops into HK amid mass protests

China’s military deployed fresh troops to Hong Kong early yesterday in what it called a routine rotation amid speculation that it might intervene in the city’s

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