Giant panda Shu Xiang returns home

£®…Áª·£©‘˘∞ƒ¥Û–‹√®°∞ ÒœÈ°±∑µªÿ≥…∂º≤Œ”Î∑±”˝º∆ªÆ10729112015The Giant Panda, Shu Xiang, was sent back to the mainland yesterday as part of a national breeding program for the species.
Shu Xiang, who has been in Macau since 2010, lost his female giant panda companion last year when she died from kidney failure. Now that Shu Xiang has reached a suitable breeding age, experts have suggested that he return to Chengdu for better breeding opportunities.
The departure date was decided after consultation between the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau as well as mainland authorities. The decision took into consideration weather conditions and the timeline for the necessary logistics – such as the issuing of an export permit, the quarantine process and transportation arrangements.
Shu Xiang was kept in quarantine at a local facility, prior to leaving the MSAR for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
The giant pandas are a gift from China and can be visited at Seac Pai Van’s Macau Giant Panda Pavilion. President Xi Jinping announced the central government’s intention to offer two new giant pandas when he visited Macau last December. The new pandas replace another pair, comprised of a female who died last year and a male panda that was returned to Sichuan for breeding.

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