Music | Macau Orchestra to perform two Beethoven works

The Macau Orchestra will present a chamber music concert of Beethoven’s music on January 14 at the Dom Pedro V Theatre, according to a statement from the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC). The concert will feature two of Beethoven’s classic works. The concert, titled “Beethoven and His Transition”, will be run in line with the theme of this concert season, “My Time with Music”.

Beethoven’s is traditionally regarded as a transition composer with his music spanning both the Classical and Romantic eras. Within both musical styles, string quarters are a staple  of chamber music.

The concert features two works, Sextet in E-flat Major Op.81b and String Quartet No.7 in F Major, Op.59, No.1 “Rasumovsky”. The works respectively represent the different musical styles of the composer .

As an early work of Beethoven, Sextet in E-flat Major, Op.81b is a passionate piece for two virtuoso horns and string quartet, while String Quartet No. 7 in F Major, Op. 59, No.1, also known as “Rasumovsky”,  exceeds average chamber music both in length and scale.

An activity, “Music Hour with Musicians”, will be held prior to the concert at the Dom Pedro V Theatre at 7:15 p.m. During the activity, Horn principal Wu Tianxia and horn player Scott Holben from the Orchestra will interpret the compositions for music fans, who in turn can join the discussion and share their views with the musicians. Interested parties can register between January 4 and 11 by contacting the Macau Orchestra.

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