World Views | Donald Trump’s stance on refugees is a disgrace

President Donald Trump’s decision to cut the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. hardly comes as a surprise. Even by this administration’s standards, however, the policy

World Views | Four ways that next year could be a turning point

As 2017 draws to a close, the least surprising thing on Wall Street is seeing strategists forecast that next year will look more or less like this year. I

World Views | The world has a sex problem. It hurts growth

When it comes to identifying the causes of the two major economic problems currently facing the developed world - rising inequality and a slowdown in economic growth - sex is

World Views | More paperwork, less playtime for bankers in Singapore

Deciding where to conduct a banking transaction is no different from selecting a boarding school for an unruly child. Singapore has long been seen as a solid choice. It didn’t

World Views | The deals to watch after Britain voted to leave the EU

CEOs and bankers had been preparing to push the button on deals and fundraisings after Britain voted to remain in the European Union. Those hopes have been dashed overnight. The referendum is

World Views | China sends bubbles to North America

In the past year, a huge amount of money has been flowing out of China. In the past, when this happened, it was because the Chinese central bank was buying

World Views | The unloved euro

Once upon a time, the euro had aspirations to challenge the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency of choice. Instead, the common European currency is losing favor as a

World Views | Libertarians could hurt somebody. But who?

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld may be the Ralph Naders of 2016, though it’s not clear whether the casualty would be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Johnson and Weld, former Republican

World Views | Too much salt, America

When you eat too much salt - and you probably do - the problems mount pretty quickly. First it gets into your blood and confuses your kidneys, leaving too much

World Views | It’s up to governments to stop enabling corruption

It will take more than a “Global Declaration Against Corruption” to rid the world of an age-­old scourge, but don’t dismiss last week’s anti-corruption summit in London too quickly. The surge

World Views | Save the planet. Take public transit now and then

Success in the fight against climate change doesn’t demand dramatic innovations. Houses that heat themselves and jet planes fueled by sunshine and pond goo are good ideas, but there’s no

World Views | An ominous collapse casts a shadow over Brazil

Late Thursday, authorities were still puzzling over the cause of the accident, in which a large wave crashed against a cliff, ripped away a 160-foot section of the bike lane, and tossed

World Views | Curing cancer is within reach

One of the most frightening words a patient can hear from a doctor is “cancer.” We know it from the experience of our families and friends, and the millions of

World Views | Why the global oil glut might not fill swimming pools after all

One of the warning lights that there’s too much oil around is no longer flashing, adding to signs that global crude markets are finally on the mend. Just a month ago,

World Views | The most confusing Super Tuesday ever

We’re going to need some time to digest what happened on Tuesday night on the Republican side. Donald Trump won the most votes. He won the most states. He won

World Views | The genetic technology revolution

One of the most exciting and promising developments in the history of medical science may bypass the U.S. if Congress fails to act. It needs to lift the ban on

World Views | No, your coffee capsules aren’t killing the planet

Drowsy German bureaucrats in Hamburg will soon have one less option for a mid-afternoon caffeine jolt, after the city banned single-serve coffee machines such as Nespresso from government buildings. The

World Views | The perils of political hindsight in Iowa

On to New Hampshire. But first, before it fades, here’s what’s in the rear-view mirror in Iowa. 1. For the Democrats, there are two ways of interpreting what was basically a

World Views | India’s smart climate strategy

To many eyes, India looks like a roadblock to an effective world climate deal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demand for “climate justice” - meaning that rich nations should reduce their

World Views | Ending Islamic State Inc.

What it means for a European nation and member of NATO to declare war against a stateless band of terrorists is an interesting and important question, made urgent by Islamic

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