ManaVida aims to build social and physical awareness

The “Donate Your Sweat” event, including a fund raiser for a local charity, was held by ManaVida yesterday at Pousada de Coloane with the aim of building social and physical awareness.

The event, which was attended by fitness enthusiasts, featured talks such as “first aid introduction talk” and discussions on gluten-free and fermented food.

Aside from the “healthy snacks workshop” for kids and adults, ManaVida also hosted some lucky draws. Raffle ticket proceeds were donated to non-profit organization Cradle of Hope.

ManaVida co-founders Cintia and Guilherme Martins also placed a donation box for a Filipina baby, who is currently being treated at Kiang Wu’s Hospital, as the Times reported on Friday.

“A great portion of the funds we receive go to charity,” said Guilherme Martins. “We try to combine a healthy lifestyle together with social awareness. We try to make a synergy between those aspects in our society,” he told the Times.

The couple runs early morning boot camps in the region that involve classes with names such as “Body Sweat” and “Kickn TRX.”

Described as “functional workouts performed outdoors […] such exercises are based on the everyday movements of a human being, such as crouching, pulling and running. The exercises allow the practitioner to gain strength, balance, flexibility, conditioning, endurance and agility.”

The organization also holds a “Me & You” activity aimed at children and parents, which is designed to develop trust and self-esteem.

“Today was an opportunity to show people what we’re doing. Stretches, body functional classes and [an activity] for kids and parents,” explained Cintia Martins.

“We’re just trying to show a little bit of what we are,” she added.

Guilherme Martins also said that they have to be flexible in terms of their activities and schedules.

“We adjust according to needs because this is how you build a strong community, by helping each other.”

Although the duo admitted that it is tough to collaborate with volunteer fitness experts, the Martins said they would continue to promote social and physical awareness.

Volunteers with the organization are in charge of promoting the event, taking photographs, and managing its website and Facebook page.

Cintia Martins, also a certified trainer, remarked that the event has been popular with expatriates as classes are conducted in English.

However, ManaVida also cooperates with a local company, which assists with Chinese interpretation and helps them to reach out to the Chinese community.

ManaVida volunteer Britanny Jimerson holds classes for the group’s “Stroller Mania Class.” When asked why she chose to volunteer, she replied that she hoped to build positive energy in the community.

Jimerson also volunteered for the preparation of yesterday’s event. 

ManaVida’s collaborators for the event include Pousada de Coloane, Blissful Carrot and Yoga Loft.

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