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The lecturer must have said something but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Perhaps it had been flippant, perhaps in jest, perhaps that particular student - from another place,

Friday, December 9, 2015 – edition no. 2225

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The hidden history of Portuguese of Burma

* Movies: American Sniper * Books: River of No Return by David Riley Bertsch * Wine: The Shades of Green II * Food: Sophisticated Thai * Technology: Smart and pretty! Fashion designers spruce up *

Tech & Style Smart and pretty! Fashion designers spruce up smartwatches

Smartwatches don’t have to look ugly to be functional. Clothing and accessories designers are collaborating with engineers to produce computerized wristwatches that people will want to wear all day and

Tea Leaks by Talkers | Not exaggerating: Mark Twain plaque stolen from gravesite

Police are investigating the theft of a bronze plaque from a monument at Mark Twain’s gravesite in upstate New York, the Associated Press reported this week. The plaque showing Twain’s image

SCREEN PEOPLE | CELEBS: Madonna defends altered photos of MLK, Mandela

Madonna’s cover for the album “Rebel Heart” is a closeup of her face with black string on it. Her social media posts show the faces of King and Mandela doctored

Times Square by Rodrigo

Jack Black

Local expert, Ben Lee, reckons on a couple of ways forward: either the holding about 60 percent of the VIP market will absorb the smaller fish or will be

New book reveals hidden history of Portuguese of Burma

Many of us here were born in Portugal or at least Goa. We have spent many years here in Burma. We always feel like we are prisoners or guests or

TRAVELOG | Desert storm Heavy snowfall, strong winter storm hits Middle East

Snow fell in parts of the Middle East this week as a powerful winter storm swept through the region, killing two Syrian refugees in Lebanon and forcing thousands who have

Fishing guide plunges into evildoings in thriller

Vivid scenery and a likable protagonist mark the second book in a series by David Riley Bertsch. In “River of No Return,” Wyoming fishing guide Jake Trent, a former Department of

The Shades of Green II

The term “Vinho Verde” not only refers to the particular style of refreshing and often slightly petillant whites produced in northwestern Portugal, but it also indicates the wine region, indeed

‘American Sniper’ is quintessential Eastwood

A mere six months after releasing the Four Seasons drama “Jersey Boys,” Clint Eastwood has again lapped his younger directing colleagues with his second film of 2014 and his best


Traditional cooking methods reminiscent of the techniques passed down from generation to generation are steep in Saffron’s culinary presentation. Saffron sets itself above the rest as a premium restaurant offering


I personally find the weather during winter to be unbearable. First of all, humidity is low and the skin can loose its moisture quickly. Fortunately, the Banyan Tree Spa at

THE BUZZ | Guyana police seize USD13M worth of cocaine aboard cargo ship

Authorities in the South American country of Guyana say they have discovered USD13 million worth of cocaine aboard a ship that arrived from neighboring Suriname. The director of the anti-narcotics unit

World briefs

INDONESIA Divers and an unmanned underwater vehicle spot the tail of the AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea with 162 people on board, an important finding because the

Surprise sides | Tooth, plastic in McDonald’s meals in Japan

McDonald’s Corp. officials in Japan bowed deeply yesterday to apologize for a human tooth, plastic pieces and other objects found in the burger chain’s food, highlighting how consumers here are

Health | Down’s syndrome screening to be made available to all pregnant women

Following complaints that the prenatal screening test for Down’s syndrome is no longer offered to expectant mothers at local health centers, the Health Bureau (SSM) has promised that all pregnant

Chui visits Zhongshan to intensify cooperation

During his visit to Zhuhai and Zhongshan, Chief Executive Chui Sai On stated his belief that 2015 would be an important year to further intensify the collaboration with Zhuhai. He

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