CRIME | Restaurant head waiter detained for substituting pricey wines

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has detained a 30-year-old former restaurant head waiter who allegedly replaced high value wines with low-cost ones and has profited more than RMB800,000 from the act. Authorities

TCM announces salary hike, claims operation losses

In the statement, TCM said that in order to thank the drivers for their efforts, the board has decided to raise their salaries by 10 percent, effective January 1 this

Rita Santos leaves Forum Macau in March

The deputy secretary-general of the permanent secretariat of Forum Macau, Rita Santos, has told Radio Macau that she will be retiring and stepping down from her post in March. The Secretary

Off the record | Secretary Chan wants open communication

The meeting was held to promote “government action transparency” while also “to hear the ideas and suggestions of the heads of media organizations” in recognition of the need for “constant

‘Fai D Fai D’– bringing homes and restaurants closer

Sérgio Almeida is striving to bring Macau’s residents closer to local restaurants. ‘Fai D Fai D,’ currently operating on a trial, aims to deliver clients’ favorite restaurant dishes to their

COURTS | Jacobs authorized to use secret investigation report

Sands China Ltd.’s secret investigation of Macau government officials, allegedly ordered by its Chairman Sheldon Adelson, is fair game in the feud between the billionaire and the casino operator’s former

Macau lacks spaces for young artists to paint, says Denis Murrell

Australian artist Denis Murrell is convinced that Macau has “a lot of untapped talent”. However, the city is currently lacking studio spaces for young artists to develop their skills. Rental

English beef promotion to last one month

Beef may be considered a very common ingredient. But if the cattle are raised in the right conditions, it can result in an excellent quality of beef ideal for a

Euro falls as consumer prices drop most since 2009

The euro dropped for a fourth day versus the dollar, the longest streak in two months, as consumer prices in the region fell more than economists predicted and strengthened the

Corporate Bits | Cathay Pacific expands code-sharing agreement with Flybe

Under the new code-sharing agreement, Cathay Pacific’s “CX” code will be used on selected Flybe flights between Amsterdam and Birmingham / Southampton, and between Paris and Birmingham / Manchester /

Guinea-Bissau expected to export 200,000 tons of cashew nuts

The official forecast is based on the tonnage exported in 2014, around 136,000 tons, and an additional 20,000 tons that were intercepted in the port of Bissau for illegal export

Portuguese group Sonae expands to Mozambique

Portuguese group Sonae has boosted the internationalization of its specialized retail businesses by opening the first MO store in Mozambique, the first in sub-Saharan Africa, said the chief executive of

Oil price woes | Ecuador gets USD5.3 billion China credit

Ecuador's state-run news agency says the Andean country has secured a USD5.3 billion line of credit from China to help it cope with a budget shortfall caused by plunging oil

Shenzhen | Chinese upstart takes lead in fast-growing drone market

  An amateur photographer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, drew crowds when he used a drone mini-helicopter made by China's DJI Technology Co. to capture images of historic church steeples and other

Hong Kong | Pro-democracy lawmakers walk out of LegCo

  Pro-democracy legislators walked out of the much-awaited start of a debate on democratic reforms in Hong Kong yesterday to protest the government's intention to stick with a plan to screen

China arrests scholar on charge of running illegal business

A Chinese scholar who helped an activist escape house arrest has been arrested on the charge of operating an illegal business, nearly three months after he was taken into police

Exclusive | S Korea: Slaves freed from salt farms face misery in shelters

  Life as a salt-farm slave was so bad Kim Jong-seok sometimes fantasized about killing the owner who beat him daily. Freedom, he says, has been worse. In the year since police emancipated

New Zealand | All 13 on skydiving plane leap out before crash

All 13 people aboard a New Zealand skydiving plane that suffered an apparent engine failure yesterday managed to leap out in parachutes moments before the plane plunged into a lake, authorities

Flight 8501 | Tail of crashed AirAsia plane discovered in Java Sea

Divers and an unmanned underwater vehicle yesterday spotted the tail of the AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea with 162 people on board, an important finding because the

Terrorism | 12 dead in attack on Paris newspaper, France goes on alert

  Masked gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar!” stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper yesterday, killing 12 people before escaping. It was France’s deadliest terror attack in at least two decades. French

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