Former lawmaker hopes all sectors fight for human rights

Executive Council member and former lawmaker Leonel Alberto Alves said he hopes that all sectors in Macau can fight for human rights. On Friday’s

Ask the Vet | Warning signs of diabetes in cats

The warning signs of diabetes should be taken seriously, as diabetes is a complex condition that may lead to blindness if left untreated. Diabetes may manifest though

Sole candidate Wang wins by-election with 813 votes

Wang Sai Man, the sole candidate in the Legislative Assembly indirect constituency’s by-election, received 813 votes from a total of 920 eligible voters in the industrial, commercial and

Education | 10 inquiries on school enrollment offers to Macau students in HK

Sou Chou Fai, director of the Higher Education Bureau (DSES) claimed that the bureau has received inquiries from local parents regarding enrolling their children, currently studying

Gambling accounted for half of economic activity last year

Lotteries, other gambling and gaming promotion in Macau accounted for more than half of the territory’s economic activity in 2018, rising from 49% to 50.5% of

GPDP backs up police authority’s facial recognition claims

The Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP) has defended the security authority’s facial recognition plan. On Friday, during a TDM radio program, Iao Hin Chit, deputy coordinator of

Briefs | Businesses see 70% rise in revenue at Food Festival

Businesses participating in this year’s Macau Food Festival, which came to a close last night, applauded its prosperity saying they have recorded a 70% increase in revenue. The

MGTO promotes Macau at Hainan tourism fair

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) promoted Macau as a tourism destination during a seminar held as part of the 2019 Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival

Three new routes at MIA by mid-December

Three new routes will be opened at the Macau International Airport between now and mid-December, in addition to the resumption of the Pattaya route in January,

Singapore team wins MGM lion dance championship

Singapore’s Yi Wei Athletic Association won this year’s MGM Lion Dance Championship - Macau International Invitational 2019 with a score of 9.3, outdoing the other nine teams.

Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum opens its doors

Located at one of the renovated villas at the Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, the Xian Xinghai Memorial Museum opened its doors to public visits on

HK families protest police use of tear gas

Chanting “No more tear gas,” dozens of Hong Kong families with young children marched Saturday to oppose the government’s handling of pro-democracy protests on the eve

Seige of Polyu | Once a protest fortress, HK campus quiet

Overturned chairs. Empty plastic bottles scattered around. Food leftovers rotting in the canteen. Most of the protesters who took over the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have

Turnout high in Hong Kong vote seen as referendum on protest

A record number of Hong Kongers cast ballots in district council elections yesterday, seizing the first opportunity to vote after months of increasingly violent protests calling for greater

Trump claims he’s behind China restraint

President Donald Trump on Friday wouldn’t commit to signing bipartisan legislation supporting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong as he tries to work out a trade deal

Decorations 2019 | Liu Chak Wan, Ma Iao Lai given Golden Lotus accolades

For the final time before he steps down next month as the city’s top official, Chief Executive Chui Sai On conferred the city’s highest and most prestigious awards to notable

Gaming | Atlantic City casinos’ third-quarter profits up from year ago

Atlantic City’s nine casinos saw their collective gross operating profits increase by 12.5% in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period last year. The comparison was boosted

Tourism | UK, Chinese visitors top list as thousands have a Saudi holiday

  Saudi Arabia’s embryonic efforts to turn the kingdom into a magnet for holidaymakers attracted 50,000 visitors since the September launch, and almost three times that number applied for tourist visas

Galaxy holds opening ceremony for Int’l Marathon Carnival

Galaxy Entertainment Group held the opening ceremony yesterday for the 2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon Carnival at Broadway Food Street, Broadway Macau. Through marathon-themed game booths, delicacies and singing and

Celebrity chef showcases regional cuisine at The Parisian

Celebrity master chef Zhou Xiaoyan, renowned as “the Godfather of Huaiyang cuisine” and eight Chinese Five-Star Alliance master chefs produced a feast of regional cuisine at Sands Resorts Macao as part of its

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