Netizens spin Chui’s review

Netizens wrote quasi-compliments on Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s responses on the withdrawal of two bills from legislation, as he said it was done “out of respect


The Pooi To Middle School’s primary and kindergarten section was originally a three-story neoclassical building constructed between 1910 and 1920. The school was originally named Pooi To Women’s

The Grand Prix also a women’s race

The Macau Grand Prix is known for being the longest-running motorsport event in Asia. Over the years we have become used to recalling the names of people

Aviation | AirAsia allegedly rescheduled, cancelled flights this festive season

AirAsia has allegedly cancelled and rescheduled some flights ahead of this upcoming Christmas season, forcing passengers who have booked flights months in advance to either pay

Japan to learn integrated resort operations from Macau

Four Japanese financial experts and prefectural government officials have agreed that Japan has a lot to learn from Macau in terms of the opening and operation

MGM launches new round of SME matching sessions

MGM hosted a new round of SME Business Matching Sessions yesterday at MGM Macau in collaboration with Macao Chamber of Commerce (MCC), and other organizations such as

Residents remind gov’t of harmonious urban planning and renewal

Will the project of urban renewal follow the overall plan of the city’s urban planning?” some participants questioned the government at the last public consultation

DSES reminds about safety in HK, Macau students condemn HK police

The Higher Education Bureau (DSES) director has cautioned Macau students who are in Hong Kong to maintain their distance from the violence. During yesterday’s TDM radio

New plan guides SARs residents’ national identity

The latest version of China’s patriotic education implementation plan proposes to guide people from the SARs to increase their sense of national identity. According to

Briefs | Two police officers sentenced to jail

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) is following up on the disciplinary process related to two police officers who were found guilty of a drunk driving-related accident. In

Hong Kong mayhem | Chinese, other students flee as violence worsens

University students from mainland China and Taiwan are fleeing Hong Kong, while those from three Scandinavian countries have been moved or urged to leave as

Social Media |Tencent will have to wait a little longer for its comeback

It’s getting harder to believe in Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s comeback. The Chinese social media goliath’s profit plummeted 13% last quarter - worse than the most

MELCO brings development opportunities to the table for local SMEs

Melco Resorts and Entertainment inaugurated the "Knowing You, Knowing Us” campaign to serve as a communications platform between SMEs and Melco. Not only does the campaign help local

Beijing holding three Taiwanese over national security suspicions

China confirmed yesterday that it is holding three Taiwanese on suspicion of committing subversion or other crimes against the Chinese state, part of a trend that

Here’s what China is telling its people about Hong Kong protests

Chinese state media responded to the escalating street violence in Hong Kong with harshly-worded commentaries, condemning some politicians and teachers for emboldening the demonstrators as social media

Merkel to ratchet up Huawei restrictions in concession to hawks

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is prepared to make a key concession to security hawks by tightening barriers aimed at Chinese equipment supplier Huawei Technologies Co.,

New Zealand | Lawmakers pass euthanasia bill, referendum next

New Zealand lawmakers yesterday voted in favor of a bill to legalize euthanasia, a watershed moment that ended a contentious two-year debate. But the final decision

South Korea | Court begins trial over Japan’s sexual slavery

A Seoul court yesterday began hearing a long-awaited civil case filed against the Japanese government by South Korean women who were forced to work in Japan’s

Trump, Erdogan meets as thorny issues stress relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Donald Trump will meet as relations between the two NATO allies are at their lowest point in decades, with

Offbeat | S. Carolina man: McDonald’s sweet tea came with weed inside

A South Carolina man who went to McDonald’s for a sweet tea says he received a little extra herbal substance on the side. The Island Packet reports Parrish Brown

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