Sands China partners with star chef Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay is internationally known for his acclaimed restaurants, popular cookbooks and television shows which include “Kitchen Nightmares,“ “Hell‘s Kitchen,” “The F Word,” “Hotel Hell,” “MasterChef US” and “MasterChef Junior.” According to

Man arrested after trying to extort RMB 2 million

A 41-year-old man from mainland China tried to extort RMB2 million from his wife after she attempted to divorce him, the Judiciary Police (PJ) revealed in a press conference yesterday. The

Groups petition for the welfare of gaming workers

Yesterday, the Macau Gaming Industry Frontline also handed in their petition to the government, demanding the salary increment of gaming industry workers be linked to that of civil servants or

Over 1,000 people fined for smoking in prohibited areas

Between January 1 and February 28 this year, a total of 1,154 instances of smoking in prohibited areas were recorded by authorities, the Health Bureau said in a statement. Officers have

New coffee shop aims at selling locals ‘a lifestyle’

Macau people are increasingly living and working under great stress, as their city only gets busier, changing at an ever-faster pace. To slow things down and bring back time for

Briefs | Traffic accident damages parked motorcycles

Thirteen motorcycles have been damaged by a car, which went out of control before crashing into a wall near Hou Kong Middle School early on Sunday morning. It is reported

Chief prison officer arrested for taking bribes

A Macau Prison (EPM) chief officer has been taken into custody after the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) found strong evidence that he had been taking bribes from an inmate. In a

Gaming operators to cut costs amid slump

Las Vegas Sands Corp., grappling with a gambling slowdown in Macau may be reconsidering big-ticket entertainment events. Betting in Macau has fallen for nine months as a crackdown on corruption by

CRIME | Capsized boat may have link to ISIS terrorists

The migrant smuggling boat that capsized off the shores of Macau on Feb 27 may have served as a clue in the discovery by Guangdong Police of a radical Uighur

TOURISM | CE gets positive feedback on visa scheme optimization

Chief Executive Chui Sai On said that he received positive feedback from Beijing for the local government’s plan to optimize the current individual visa scheme, TDM reported. Mr Chui did not

NPC and CPPCC meetings | Lawrence Ho: Gambling will always remain Macau’s major lure

  'Macau ought to strengthen its legal system regarding the gaming industry and re-orient itself towards achieving the goal of diverse economic development at an appropriate pace, advised Lawrence Ho, a

Patriotic education under the spotlight in Beijing

Director of the Liaison Office, Li Gang, renewed his call for patriotic education to be implemented in schools, at the NPC and CPPCC meetings in Beijing.  A research by the

CATS PREMIERE | ‘Everybody takes their own interpretation from the show’

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit show Cats has been performed over 7,000 times across the world. However, such a time-loved musical never fails to bring something new to every night, the

CRIME | Gambler’s son pleads in World Cup betting case

The son of a high-rolling Malaysian poker player accused of running an illegal World Cup betting operation out of his luxury villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas agreed to

Ask the Vet | Symptoms of Canine Heart Murmur

Symptoms of a Heart Murmur in Dogs - The dog’s heartbeat seems irregular - A hacking cough that does not seem to go away. - Breathing that seems laboured (excessive panting) even while

Asian casinos woo Chinese as corruption drive hits Macau

At the oceanfront Ramada Plaza hotel on South Korea’s Jeju island, about a hundred Chinese gamblers huddle around felt-topped tables, wagering as much as 5 million won (USD4,500) at baccarat.

Li Keqiang supports ‘one country, two systems’ principle

Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of the annual National People’s Congress meeting, Li Keqiang stressed that the “one country, two systems” policy should continue governing both SARs. He

Rental rates stabilizing due to fall in gaming revenue

According to JML Property, the first quarter of this year saw a slowdown in rental rates, which was largely attributable to the city’s decreasing demand for rental property, as some

BRIEFS: EPM launches Open Day

The Portuguese School of Macau (EPM) will be holding an Open Day tomorrow addressing its current student community, prospective students and the public in general, said vice-principal Zélia Mieiro.  The

FUTURE PAVILION | Portuguese companies showcase the future of technology

A fog screen projection and an interactive shop window that allows us to quickly access product information and prices are just two of the technologies on display at the Future

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