CESL Asia highlights firm’s social community purpose

CESL Asia hosted its annual community event, CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day, yesterday with the theme “community care and harmonious development of our society.”

The activity falls under the company’s Social Investment Program, which aims to promote the development of a caring city towards the underprivileged.

The event hosted two tournaments, including a bocce tournament and a soccer competition.

CESL Asia also donated 2,000 patacas for each participating bocce team.

The company’s long-term partner, the Macau Special Olympics (MSO), is the beneficiary of the total amount received as contributions from CESL Asia and participants.

“Participants have been more active. People are really willing to come, and even in the football tournament we had too many people who registered [and] had to mix teams up so we could accommodate them,” said CESL Asia president António Trindade 

For Trindade, companies should have a social community purpose to provide them with an additional perspective on sustainability.

“There’s no point to be the best today – to be the best means continuously contributing to society,” he said.

“In this way, we are able to create a meaningful contribution in whatever we do as a business, and also let the community know [about] us because if they gain a better understanding of us, then there would be better trust between us,” Trindade added.

CESL Asia has again invited MSO athletes to participate in the bocce tournament.

The company previously said in a statement that the activity “fostered face-to-
face interactions [between] the participating teams and MSO athletes, [and] cultivated mutual understanding.”

CESL Asia, a solutions company specializing in environmental infrastructure, energy, facilities management and urban planning, hosted the fundraising and community engagement event at the Macau Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium.

This year, a total of 21 companies including sponsor organizations participated in the event. LV

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