STUDY | Medical vouchers prevented fatalities, should be given to TNRs

Professor Zhang Jing Hua told Lusa news agency that there is a significant link between the date of the program’s implementation and the decrease  in the mortality rate prompted by

Food oil importer accuses IACM of ruining business reputation

In a statement released by Tai Heng Foods yesterday, the Macau importer that represents the embattled Taiwanese food oil producer Chang Guann Company has criticized the authorities of making false

Over 20,000 people fined over smoking in prohibited areas since 2012

Between January this year and August, Health Bureau agents have recorded 5,405 law breaches. This year, authorities have conducted 184,235 inspections, with an average of 758 inspections per day. In total,

Health Bureau urges Chan Pou U’s family to share HK medical report

The Health Bureau has urged the family of teenager suffering from chronic pain to share a medical report with Macau’s public hospital which was issued by Queen Mary Hospital in

Central hospital admits to unknowingly using tainted oil

The Taiwanese gutter oil fiasco has hit a number of public institutions in Macau. The Health Bureau (SSM) revealed that three government departments, including Conde de São Januário General Hospital

Macau and Zhuhai to join forces on World Car-Free Day

The Macau Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) said in a statement that it aims to promote “ecological tours” among citizens, while encouraging Macau people to choose environmentally-friendly ways to move around

MSAR, HK and Guangdong cooperate on air pollution monitoring

The agreement features joint efforts to create an air quality monitoring platform; the exchange of information on regional air quality; and cooperation on research projects related to environmental protection. Guangdong and

Interview with Brian Hall | ‘Migrants do make a great contribution to Macau’

Dr Brian Hall, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Macau’s Faculty of Social Sciences, recently published his research findings in British medical journal The Lancet. An article entitled

GAMING | Single mom leads labor protests against casinos

Cloee Chao remembers when she first decided to challenge the billionaires of the world’s largest gambling hub. The 34-year-old single mother of two was working in a Macau casino in

SSM receives smoking room floor plans from 39 casinos

The six casino operators in Macau made the suggestion to set up smoking rooms in their mass areas last year, a measure adopted by the government. Alongside the establishment of smoking

HEALTH | Medical forum to explore robotic surgical skills in breast surgery

The 20th Sino-Luso International Medical Forum in Macau, taking place between tomorrow and Monday, will focus on robotic surgical skills, particularly in breast surgery, since this is technology that has

HEALTH | Low risk of local Ebola outbreak, measures reinforced according to epidemic levels

The risk of an Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Macau “is very low” but the Health Bureau (SSM) affirmed it has a contingency plan in place and will be prepared

West Africa visitors pass Ebola health check

A contingency plan responding to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has been in full swing in Macau since the end of July, with authorities assessing the

16 visitors from West Africa pass health assessment on Ebola

In response to the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa, the Health Bureau announced health assessments for visitors from three West African counties entering Macau. As of yesterday afternnon,

FOOD SAFETY | Health Bureau can’t confirm link between gastroenteritis and McDonald’s

McDonald’s is being investigated by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) for a case of gastroenteritis. A statement from the authority declared that there is insufficient evidence indicating that

HEALTH|5,000 people die each year of heart disease

In a seminar organized last weekend at the Macau Civil Servants Association, physicians Mário Évora and Ip Man Fai, from the Macau Cardiology Association, stressed that some of these diseases

Health Bureau denies CE wife interfered in public tender

A man who called TDM Radio Chinese two days ago claimed that the Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s wife had intervened in a Health Bureau (SSM)’s public tendering process when

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