Consumer confidence at an ‘all time high’

The consumer confidence index of the city has reached a record high during the second quarter, indicating a significant boost in consumer optimism regarding economic

Macau consumer satisfaction holds steady

A new survey from the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) has found Macau residents’ consumer satisfaction has largely stabilized.

Survey shows young adults less willing to marry or have kids

A recent survey by the Women’s General Association of Macau has found a significant decline in the desire for marriage and childbearing among young adults aged 18

Pork chop sandwiches soar as CC finds whopping price differences at local cafes

The Consumer Council (CC) has surveyed the prices of a range of food and beverage items at local cafes and continues to find significant disparities between

Survey finds 30.6% of elderly concerningly lonely

Local NGO survey results show that 30.6% of its respondents reported experiencing concerning levels of loneliness or solitude. Conducted by the social service branch of Sheng

Survey shows 77% approval of government training programs

A survey has shown 77% of respondents agreed that continuing government-planned education courses is beneficial for the Macau economy’s diversification. A local grassroots association commissioned the

Survey reveals secondary students’ lower happiness scores

The Happiness Score calculated by a recent survey has shown that local secondary school students are not happy with their lives, with a score of 2.97

Survey finds almost half of local youths unsatisfied with leisure area size

Survey results released yesterday show about 50% of young people believe Macau does not have enough leisure areas. Conducted by the Macao New Chinese Youth

Salaries of 75% respondents remained stagnant following pandemic

A survey shows that the income of nearly 75% of respondents has remained the same since 2019, not receiving any salary rise during the pandemic amid the

Youth unhappy with gov’t talent cultivation

A survey has shown local young people are dissatisfied with the outcome of government talent cultivation measures and the resources invested into them. The Macao New

Average Guangdong salary reaches RMB9,100

A survey has revealed Guangdong Province’s average monthly salary in 2023 is RMB9,100, a 5.8% growth year-over-year. Several private entities under the Guangzhou Talent Group conducted the

30% of civil servants blame long working hours for lack of family time

A survey has discovered that 30% of local civil servants believe long working hours are to blame for reduced family time. The Macau Civil Servants Federation

25% of elderly hold no emergency fund

A survey has revealed 25% of Macau’s elderly do not have an emergency fund of three to six months of living expenses, according to The Macau Federation

80% of students unsure about parents’ help in career planning

A survey result released yesterday revealed that over 80% of responding students expressed uncertainty with their parents’ ability to help with their career planning, local media reports.

Local youth have ‘little intention’ to seek employment in Zhuhai

While Macau has promoted several times work cooperation with mainland cities such as Zhuhai, a majority of local youth aged from 18 to 45 asserted

survey Nearly 50% youth opting for gigs due to flexibility

A survey titled “gig work and youth people in Macau at digital age” published by the Macao New Chinese Youth Association (MNCYA) shows that most people

85% of former workers in junket sector still unemployed

About 85% of employees dismissed from junket operators, due to the turmoil engulfing the sector, are still unemployed, with most being unable to make ends

Survey shows residents’ trust in gov’t dropping

The survey was carried out by the University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Program between December 1 and 3. A total of 502 Macau residents were interviewed over the telephone.

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