Gov’t looks into racer after online outcry on underage drinking

An investigation has been initiated into the alleged underage drinking of the Formula 4 (F4) winner in the Macau Grand Prix on Sunday, a local

Discussions on increase minimum wage on turbo at parliament

After passing its first reading last week, the minimum wage adjustment bill saw its first committee discussion yesterday. After the meeting, committee president Vong

Wynn sees healthy retail sales, narrowed Q3 losses

Net losses of Wynn Resorts Limited narrowed to USD 116.7 million for the third quarter of 2023, compared to the USD 142.9 million net loss

Gov’t announces details of acquiring cultural, sporting and other talents

The government announced in yesterday’s Official Gazette the requirements for talented workers to be recruited in the cultural, sporting and other industries. The government

Int’l students have returned to US colleges, fueled by a surge from India, second to China

International students attended U.S. universities in surging numbers last year, rebounding from a pandemic slump with the help of a 35% jump in students coming

Man sentenced for sexually assaulting step-daughters with psychiatric disorders

A man was sentenced to four years and six months in prison for sexually assaulting two women who have mild psychiatric illnesses and who require long-term use

Non-resident worker arrested after hitting man while drunk

A non-resident employee in his 30s was arrested after injuring his compatriot following an argument while drunk. According to police authorities, they received a report from a Filipino

UM research team develops magnetic soft robots

A research team at the University of Macau (UM) has developed a novel on-demand hardening magnetic soft robot. With the advantages of on-demand hardening and flexible deployment,

IFTM concludes competition on innovation

The Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) concluded the third edition of its “Idea-cation 2023” which aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Macau. This year’s competition attracted

Temperature to drop to 14 degrees for the weekend

The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) forecasts that Macau will continue to be affected by the northeast monsoon tomorrow, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Influenza infection in schools: SSM

The Health Bureau (SSM) received five reports of collective influenza infection, involving four schools and one institution, including a total of 36 people. Most of the patients have

Man suspected of two house break-ins detained

A man is suspected of climbing into two units of a building in Taipa in the early morning of last Sunday (Nov. 5) through the outer wall of

Line-cutting driver should be fined, social advisor says

Social advisor Au Weng Hei has recommended that Macau follow Taiwan in imposing fines on drivers who engage in line-cutting. Au, social advisor for Central

Xi and Biden are looking for clarity in an increasingly difficult relationship

President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have no shortage of difficult issues to discuss when they sit down for their first talks in a year, even

Dubai air chiefs summit, sponsored by Israeli firm, avoids discussing strikes as Hamas war rages

As Israel unleashes one of the most-intense aerial bombing campaigns the Middle East has ever seen, leaders from the world’s top air forces met yesterday

1991 US accuses Libyans of Lockerbie bombing

Two Libyan intelligence officers have been accused of masterminding the Lockerbie bombing. The United States has called on Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi to hand over the

Classes on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rick Ross are engaging a new generation of law students

A South Dakota law professor typically teaches about dense topics like torts and natural resources. But next semester, he and his fearless students are shaking things up

Usyk will be sure of Tyson Fury fight when he hears ‘the sound of a bell’

The heavyweight title fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury now appears likely to be held in February. Although Usyk isn’t convinced. “I’m not 100%

Niger fashion designer aims to show a positive image of her country at Joburg Fashion Week

Niger fashion designer Alia Bare took center stage at the Joburg Fashion Week with a collection that she hopes will spread a positive image of her

Tea and nickel on the agenda as Biden hosts Indonesian president

President Joe Biden will host Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the White House today , one day before the U.S. leader leaves for San Francisco to attend 

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