Building owners complain about unauthorized construction

One of the owners, surnamed Wong

The owners of Edifício Lap Hing held a press conference urging the government to demolish unauthorized construction works located at the entrance of the building.

Two of the building’s owners, surnamed Wong and Lai, accused a person surnamed Ng of conducting unauthorized construction.

Edifício Lap Hing is located at 5 Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo on the left side of the car park next to LusoBank.

The convenience store which has carried out the unauthorized construction work is at the entrance hall of the building.

According to Wong, the building’s owners have paid for a sewage renewal project at the entrance of the building.

However, construction machines could not enter the building’s hall due to Ng’s store.

Wong reported the owners had several talks with Ng, asking him to demolish the store and the unauthorized construction conducted at the store. 

However, Ng did not demolish the construction. Furthermore, on December 6 Ng issued a legal letter to the owners, warning them that if there were any damages to his store or his business was affected by the sewage project Ng would ask for compensation.

Wong informed the Times that Ng is not one of the owners of Edifício Lap Hing, and that his store has been operating at the building for more than 40 years.

Speaking to the media, Wong also said that the owners reported the store to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) in July. The owners received confirmation that the store’s construction was unauthorized, and that the case was classified as A Class (the most serious level of unauthorized construction work).

The owners hoped that DSSOPT would demolish the unauthorized construction quickly. They also doubted the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau’s role in issuing a business operation license for the store.

“If the store holds a vendor operation license, how come the store’s license was not canceled since its operation does not correspond to vendor operations? How come the store can get electricity supply on top of the unauthorized construction works? How come the store can get water supply on top of unauthorized construction works?” Wong questioned. He also asked the Health Bureau and Fire Services Bureau to follow up on health and safety issues created by the store’s existence.

On the other hand, Ng’s son told the media that his father purchased the place from the main owner of Edifício Lap Hing.

Ng said that he would cooperate with the owners on the sewage renewal project, but he disagreed with the owners’ actions.

Ng also added that he had not yet received any notification informing him that the store had carried out unauthorized construction work. He believes that the store’s operation should be decided by the local government.

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