Secretaries shed more light on ‘new neighborhood’ in Hengqin

The new initiative aiming for both sides of the border to jointly develop Hengqin was the centerpiece of a session presented by the Secretary for Administration and Justice, André Cheong,

CE expresses condolences on the death of former Portuguese president

The Chief Executive (CE) Ho Iat Seng has expressed condolences on the news that former Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio has died. In a letter to current Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de

Covid-19 | Workers must now choose between vaccine or frequent NATs

A new guideline issued by the Health Bureau (SSM) requires the majority of workers in the city to either get a Covid-19 vaccine or obtain a negative polymerase chain reaction

AGTech Holdings set to buy Macau Pass

Technology conglomerate AGTech Holdings is aiming to acquire Macau’s mobile payment provider Macau Pass Holding, according to a statement from Macau Pass. The deal is subject to regulatory approval since AGTech

Elections2021 | Democrat calls on gov’t to address reasons behind high number of spoiled ballots

The government should conduct reviews and reflect on the reasons behind the 5,000 or so spoiled ballots in this Legislative Assembly (AL) election, former lawmaker Paul Chan Wai Chi told

Briefs | Visitor restrictions lifted at Grand Prix Museum

  The restrictions on visitors at the Macau Grand Prix Museum and Ritz Building will be adjusted, raising the number of allowed visitors from 550 back to 1,100 visitors per day

Beijing says AL elections implemented ‘patriots administering Macau’ principle

The seventh Legislative Assembly (AL) election in Macau has fully implemented the fundamental principle of “patriots administering Macau,” according to a spokesperson from the Liaison Office of the Central People’s

UNU Macau research finds local organizations struggle with cybersecurity risks

A new study conducted by the United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU Macau) has found that local civil society organizations (CSOs) lack the resources, expertise, capability, and influence to

Editorial | Numbers say it all?

Yesterday’s AL elections, apart from winners and losers (a figure that wasn’t available at the time of this writing) have one major distinction when compared to previous polls that is

Voter finds lawmakers ‘not fulfilling promises’

A voter told the Times, “I found some lawmakers to be ‘slogan-yellers’ and not fulfilling their promises made during the election.” The voter, surnamed Lei, said that before the election day

Conservatives secure most seats at AL

Si Ka Lon was the most voted candidate at yesterday’s low turn-out Legislative Assembly (AL) elections, with a total of 26,593 votes. Leading the Fujian community in List 3, the Macau

AL2021 with the lowest turnout rate ever

The elections for the seventh Legislative Assembly (AL2021) have registered the lowest turnout rate ever with only 42.38% of the voters showing up at the polling stations. The previous record

China, Macau, Hong Kong banks to offer regional investments

Banks in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong province are preparing to launch regional investment products soon. The investment options, dubbed the Wealth Management Connect program, are part of a plan to

CE: Cooperation zone a ‘major move’ to promote SAR in development plan

Chief Executve (CE) Ho Iat Seng announced on Friday that the SAR government would advance work as a part of building the Guangdong-Macau in-depth cooperation zone in Hengqin in a

Elections2021 | CCAC following up on ‘a few’ electoral offenses

  The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) is following up on complaints received concerning election-related offenses, commissioner Chan Tsz King said yesterday while voting in the Legislative Assembly elections. Chan noted that, since

Crime | Man arrested for rape and murder of woman; buried body at Hac Sa beach

The Judiciary Police (PJ) revealed on Saturday afternoon (September 11) that they have arrested a 36-year-old mainland man suspected of raping and murdering a 29-year-old woman, also from the mainland. The

Elections2021 | Police investigating 44 electoral illegalities

The police forces are currently investigating a total of 44 cases that involve electoral irregularities, the president of the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL), Tong Hio Fong, informed yesterday

Elections2021 highlights: Lowest turnout ever since SAR establishment

COOPERATION ZONE: Professor Chen Guanghan | The plans for Hengqin, Qianhai is to solve economic problems of Macau and Hong Kong

It is said that the cooperation zone in Hengqin will be an important driving force for Macau’s long-term development. And at the same time, Qianhai will play an exemplary and

Interview | Jorge Costa Oliveira: Hengqin-Macau: Legislation should be implemented ‘field by field, subject by subject’

Jorge Costa Oliveira, a veteran expert in international law is hopeful about the materialization of the “Master Plan of the Development of the Guangdong-Macao Intensive Cooperation Zone in Hengqin,” (GMICZH)

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