Grand Prix museum opening postponed

The opening of the Macau Grand Prix Museum has been postponed to the first quarter of 2020, according to director of the Macao Government Tourism Office

ExCo to face overhaul, speculate lawmakers

Lawmakers Pereira Coutinho and Sulu Sou expect an overhaul of the Executive Council when the new Chief Executive enters office, reported local Chinese newspaper Cheng Pou.

PSP appoints new deputy commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Leong Heng Hong of the Public Security Police Force (PSP) assumed office as Deputy Commissioner yesterday, according to a statement from the government.

A book today | ‘Blues in the Dark’ is compelling crime novel

A movie producer who moves to Los Angeles and stumbles upon a story sparks Raymond Benson’s look at a turbulent Hollywood of the 1940s with ramifications in the present in

Businessman says those criticizing HK police are unconstitutional

Macau businessman Vong Kok Seng, who is also a vice president of the Macau Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, has said that Macau people drawing

Japan crowned Fireworks champion with China, France runners-up

Japan has won this year’s International Fireworks Display Contest, with China and France placing second and third. The three countries were represented by Marutamaya Ogatsu

Ask the Vet | Canine hip dysplasia treatment

Canine hip dysplasia treatment consists of surgical and non-surgical remedies. Hip dysplasia is a progressive disease that is primarily inherited through genetics. Rapid growth and weight gain may exacerbate the

Macau bishop retreats after Secretary Tam’s response

Bishop of the Macau Diocese, Stephen Lee, has retracted the Diocese’s strong stance expressed in an earlier statement regarding a light projection, saying that the Thursday “statement

241 children living in dormitory homes in Macau

By the end of 2018, a total of 241 children in Macau were living in temporary dormitory homes provided by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) in

Briefs | Taxi recording device tender receives 8 bids

On Friday, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) received eight bids for the public tender to install recording devices inside taxis. The contract includes the installation of smart devices inside

Macau passport climbs three spots to 33rd in global index

The Macau SAR passport was the 33rd most powerful passport in the Henley Passport Index, as analyzed by Henley & Partners, with passport holders allowed

Golden Week visitors rise 11%

Macau received 616,000 visitors during the first four days of the Chinese Golden Week holiday, which commenced on October 1. Compared with last year, the Public Security

Group tours suspected at Hac Sa camping area

Mainland group tours have been accused of occupying Hac Sa Beach’s camping spaces and leaving a mess at the camping site after they leave, according to

Mandalay Bay Shooting | Payouts for Vegas victims a ‘cold, mathematical calculation’

They may have been united by a love for country music, but the people gunned down two years ago at a Las Vegas concert will not be

Crime Dead chips scheme leads to HKD18 million in losses

A 61-year-old “dead chips” broker from the mainland has reported losses of HKD18.25 million from a scheme in Macau organized with a friend from the mainland, the

Ruins of St. Paul’s | Diocese upset over projection of political symbols

The Catholic Diocese of Macau has expressed its disappointment over the projection of political symbols on the façade of the Ruins of St. Paul’s in celebration of

Gaming | Gross gaming revenue touches lowest level in a year

Macau gross gaming revenue touched the lowest level in a year last month, but nevertheless registered growth in what has been a mostly red year.

Golden Week visitors up 8.8% over first two days

Visitors to Macau have reportedly risen as much as 8.8% year-on-year over the first two days of Golden Week, according to data released yesterday by the

Visitors detoured from St. Paul’s Ruins due to crowdedness

The Public Security Police Force took measures to control the roads around the Ruins of St. Paul’s yesterday afternoon as the quantity of people trying to

Briefs | DSPA planning to experiment charging for domestic waste

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) plans to initiate a pilot project in regards to charging for domestic waste, according to the DSPA’s reply to lawmaker Sulu Sou’s interpellation.

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