Health | 90 percent of patients already contacted for drug replacement

The contingency plan for the recall and replacement of six antihypertensive medicines that were found to contain N-Nitrosodimethylamine impurities in the drug valsartan is on track, according to the Health Bureau (SSM).

The impurity is said to affect approximately 1,238 patients. Approximately 90 percent of affected patients who had been prescribed “Valtensin Tablet” the 80 mg and 160 mg, “Valsartan + Hydrochlorothiazide Generis” 80 mg and 160 mg and “Valtensin tablets HCT” 80 mg and 160 mg have already been successfully contacted by the SSM in order to proceed with the replacement of medicines, which started today and will continue for the next two days.

According to the director of public hospital, Conde S. Januário Hospital (CHCSJ), Kuok Cheong U, they were only unable to reach approximately 120 patients. Kuok made the comment during a press conference on new technologies for less invasive surgeries on Monday.

The director of the CHCSJ was also hopeful that all patients would be able to exchange their medications smoothly today.
The SSM have a recall notice on all batches from these two brands after it was found that the main ingredient in these drugs – valsartan – contained impurities that exceed permissible levels, leading manufacturers to recall and replace the affected batches.

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