UN officer commends progressive approach to drug abuse

A visiting official from the United Nations has praised Macau’s progressive view of substance abuse, which tends to regard it as a health problem rather than a

Fitch Ratings assigns expected ‘A/stable’ rating to Macau-issued notes

Fitch Ratings has assigned an expected rating of “A/stable” to the Bank of China’s (BOC) proposed senior unsecured notes to be issued by its Macau branch

MUST invites name submissions for Macau’s first scientific satellite

Macau’s first scientific satellite is planned for launch in 2020 or 2021, the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) announced yesterday during the ceremony for

Briefs | Health Bureau to gather opinions on alcohol control

Next month, the Health Bureau (SSM) will reach out to the alcohol industry and local youth to collect their opinions on Macau’s alcohol control regime, which has already

Tourism | Cape Verde becoming one of West Africa’s most attractive destinations

Cape Verde is among the most promising tourist markets in West Africa at a time when the continent is increasingly eyeing the sector as an economic

Macau ranks eighth in per capita tourism spending

Per capita spending of visitors to Macau amounted to $2,062 last year, according to Globehunters, leading the special administrative region to rank eighth worldwide in terms

Fewer Chinese visitors brave Hong Kong

Fewer visitors from mainland China flocked to Hong Kong during this year’s National Day holiday period, according to data from Hong Kong’s Immigration Department.

Architect suggests micro-housing as solution to shortage

A low-cost and micro-living housing unit is coming to Hong Kong as early as next year, with the goal of easing the neighboring region’s housing problems.

Property prices slip 0.6%, led by Peninsula market

Property prices were 0.6% lower in the three-month period from June through to August 2019, compared to the previous period between May and July. The data was released

Art Macao could be the most visited art exhibition in the world

In its first-ever edition, the “Art Macao” mega-event was visited by over 16 million people, making it arguably the most visited art exhibition in the world,

Cinematheque – Passion | German Film Festival returns, paying homage to Schlöndorff

Featuring 10 recent German films and two “Macao Special” films, in addition to four compelling works by Director-in-Focus Volker Schlöndorff and a talk on his work,

IFFAM | In Busan, Macau organizers announce special anniversary program

The Organizing Committee of the Fourth International Film Festival and Awards - Macao (IFFAM) has announced, on the sidelines of the Opening of Busan International Film Festival,

Kowtow summer for business | Gamers call for Blizzard boycott after Hong Kong player banned

Activision Blizzard Inc. is facing a fierce backlash and calls for a boycott after a unit of the American game company punished a player for

People’s Daily blasts Apple over app, protesters’ song

The Communist Party’s flagship newspaper criticized Apple Inc’s decision to approve an app that shows police activity in Hong Kong and to allow its iTunes store to

Crowds flood Hong Kong court to support jailed activist appeal

Hundreds of protesters flooded a Hong Kong court to support the appeals case of a jailed activist yesterday as the city continued to clean up from a

Bank of China leads way for Libor successor in Asia bonds

One of China’s biggest lenders is marketing a new dollar note linked to a Libor replacement, as borrowers across the globe move away from the

Markets | Risk striking faster than ever has investors touting hedges

The speed at which risk moves through markets is creating new challenges for investors, who need to adjust their portfolios to deal with the phenomenon, according

Venetian’s North commences Sichuan cuisine promotion

The Venetian Macao’s North restaurant is launching a Sichuan cuisine promotion until November 30. The capital of the province, Chengdu, is listed alongside Macau as a UNESCO Creative

MGM organizes team visit Chinese Historical Documentary Exhibition

Always encouraging team members to treasure every opportunity to learn about our nation, MGM has gathered a group of 30 team members, led by Wendy Yu, senior vice

The US-China relationship is worsening rapidly before talks

This was supposed to be the week U.S.-China trade talks got back on track and the two sides found a way to avoid sending more unsettling signals to financial markets

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