Gaming | South Shore selling 40% stake in The 13 Hotel

The developer and promoter of The 13 Hotel said it has an agreement that could lead to the disposal of a 40% interest in the subsidiary that owns the hotel

Briefs | Three fined for publicizing others’ personal data

Three violators have been fined between MOP4,000 and MOP10,000 each by the Personal Data Protection Office for posting other people’s personal data on social media websites. Aiming to exact retribution

Association seeks to strengthen philanthropy network

An association focusing on strengthening philanthropy was established in June this year, aiming to build Macau into a network center for discussing philanthropy projects. The main focus of Associação Internacional de

George Chinnery artworks on Macau to be auctioned

Two rare, large landscape artworks by the British artist George Chinnery, who settled in Macau in 1825, will be displayed at Bonhams Hong Kong from October 21 to November 21. The

Education | Alexis Tam will not comment on complaint about UM professor

Orange Post, an online publication published by University of Macau students, has reported that a student from mainland China filed a complaint to the university’s management against a professor, who

Woman bitten by snake at UM campus

A Filipino woman of about 40 years of age was bitten by a snake yesterday afternoon at the campus of the University of Macau (UM) located in Hengqin, as reported

Legislative Assembly | Arbitration law passed amid lawmaker’s low expectations

A new bill aiming to promote Macau’s arbitration services has been approved in general terms at the Legislative Assembly (AL), amid José Pereira Coutinho’s concerns that Macau will face great

AL worried about containing Hong Kong’s influence

At least five lawmakers, including Mak Soi Kun, Iau Teng Pio and Lei Chan U, expressed their love for the country during yesterday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) meeting, and urged the

Ip Sio Kai greenlighted for rules committee

Government appointed lawmaker Ip Sio Kai has become the newest member of the Legislative Assembly’s (AL) Committee of Rules and Mandates, succeeding Kou Hoi In, who left the position to

Gaming | MGM agrees to sell Bellagio to Blackstone for $4.25 billion

MGM Resorts International, pressured by investors to unload its remaining company-owned casinos, agreed to sell the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas to Blackstone Group for $4.25 billion and will continue

Las Vegas | Gambling bosses move to bar Wynn from casino industry

Nevada’s gambling regulators have filed a complaint against former casino magnate Steve Wynn that could bar him from ever working in the industry in the state. The complaint filed Monday by

Organized crime | Police on the chase for Asia’s biggest syndicate leader

The largest-ever taskforce to fight organized crime in Asia has been established to chase a Chinese-born Canadian national, suspected of being the kingpin of a drug trade crime syndicate, Reuters

Corporate Bits | MGM receives 17 human resources accolades

MGM has earned a total of 17 awards from major human resources and management associations across Greater China, the gaming operator announced in a statement. The awards included three from HRoot, two from

Macau passport to be updated with newer technology

The Identification Services Bureau announced yesterday the latest security measures to be embedded in the upgraded version of the Macau Special Administrative Region Passport and Travel Permit. The passport is issued

Chaos as Hong Kong lawmakers thwart leader’s annual address

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam barely got a few words out yesterday before pro-democracy lawmakers forced her to stop talking. Calling her “the mother of the mafia police,” yelling pro-democracy lawmakers

US backs three bills to support HK protesters

Hong Kong’s leader expressed “frustration and disappointment and regret” yesterday over steps by the U.S. Congress to support pro-democracy protesters in the territory and warns they’ll hurt American companies operating

The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is $215,000 worth of little details

If you’re like me, you don’t quite know what an actual “flying spur” is. Of course, we know the car. Bentley will be delivering the third generation of its $214,600 Flying

Chinese snooping tech spreads to nations vulnerable to abuse

When hundreds of video cameras with the power to identify and track individuals started appearing in the streets of Belgrade as part of a major surveillance

Kim rides horse on sacred peak, vows to fight US sanctions

North Korea released a series of photos yesterday showing leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse to a sacred mountain he has often climbed before

US charges Turkish bank with evading sanctions against Iran

The United States criminally charged a major Turkish bank with helping to evade sanctions against Iran, potentially raising diplomatic tensions as the U.S. tries to contain Turkey’s

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