Advisor: Gas accidents often happen through negligence

Leong In Pong, deputy-coordinator of the advisory committee of the Northern district, said that most accidents relating to gas leaks happen because of owners’ negligence.

This week’s TDM outdoor program, Macau Forum, debated the blast that occurred last week at the Areia Preta district restaurant. The explosion happened when a gas bottle was being replaced, leaving one dead and six injured as well as significant damage to the restaurant and in the building where it was located. Leong noted that there is “negligence from many residents” who “often acquire gas bottles and [gas appliances] in the mainland and install them by their own means,” although this goes against the laws and regulations of Macau.

Leong says that this happens because “it’s cheaper to buy across the border,” recalling previous incidents in other buildings in the same area where it was proven that there was inadequate ventilation and the owner had installed equipment without enough knowledge and in unsuitable areas of the house.

Another advisor recalled that in the neighboring region of Hong Kong, there are licensing stickers that must be used on such equipment to prove it has been inspected and is suitable for use. In addition, all gas bottles used in restaurants and other commercial spaces must mandatorily be acquired from registered gas retailers, noting that Macau “should take this as a reference.”

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