Food & Beverage | Booze tourism: Kentucky bourbon trail buzzing with one million visits

Forget the bottle, a record number of people are experiencing Kentucky bourbon from the barrel, touring distilleries where they can sniff, sip and see whiskey crafted from the

Food & Beverage | Vegemite goes home: Oreo maker sells to Australia’s Bega

Vegemite, the salty, brown spread beloved in Australia, is going home, purchased by an Australian dairy company from the maker of Oreos. Mondelez International Inc.

Food & Beverage | Cheesier pizzas rescue dairy prices as Americans drink less milk

Americans love their cheese, but maybe not as much as dairy farmers do. Even after people cut back on milk use for decades - a

Food & Beverage | Drunken monkeys and the evolution of boozing

Nothing rings in the New Year like a solution of bubbling, neurotoxic ethanol. Humanity’s longstanding relationship with alcohol poses an evolutionary puzzle: Surely natural selection would weed out

Food & Beverage | What the world’s top chefs like to eat at home

The world’s greatest chefs are just like us: They don’t like to take their work home with them. When it comes to home cooking, it turns

Food & Beverage | When fat equals flavor, USD260 steaks get Japan diet makeover

Seikou Sekimura is betting that aficionados of  Japan’s Wagyu beef - one of the world’s most-expensive meats - are ready for a diet version of the fat-laden, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy.

Food & Beverage | Ready for breaded cutlets of a different kind? Cauliflower!

  Let's say that one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat healthier and lose some weight. Join the crowd, right? In practice, what we

Food & Beverage | Mexican ancient beverage of pulque makes a comeback

Mexicans have been brewing pulque from the juice of cactus-like maguey plants for centuries, but the viscous, beer-like beverage fell out of favor starting in the 1970s as

Food & Beverage | Cheers! Culture you can drink: Belgian beer gets UN approval

Next time you raise a glass of Belgian beer, rest assured: It’s a cultural experience. UNESCO added Belgian beer to the list of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage

Food & Beverage | Tomatillo salsa offers fresh approach to poaching salmon

The French love to cook fish by poaching it in a flavored liquid, usually a combination of white wine and water, leeks or onions, and some herbs. It’s

Food & Beverage | Thanksgiving is a chore, even with Martha Stewart’s help

Even for the best home chefs, Thanksgiving is a lot of work. And whether you’re hosting friends or family, it’s a pressure cooker of a feast.

Food & Beverage | Guy Fieri, vegetable fan? Sure, the Food Network star say

Of all the celebrity chefs out there, there's one you'd least expect to sing the praises of spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts. That would be Guy

Food & Beverage | Rao’s cookbook serves up spicy anecdotes with the meatballs

So one night, the story goes, Justin Bieber was in town (NYC), and had a hankering for Italian food. Not just any Italian, but Rao's, the tiny restaurant by a

Food & Beverage | Global leaders’ personal chefs sample Indian market fare

An elite club of chefs is taking a break from feeding the world’s most powerful leaders to visit the Indian capital and sample its spicy, aromatic cuisine. Wending through the crowded

Food & Beverage | Why tomatoes lose flavor in fridge: their genes chill out

If you buy tomatoes from John Banscher at his farmstand in New Jersey, he'll recommend keeping them out of the fridge or they'll lose some of their taste. Now scientists have

Food & Beverage | Gourmet ganja? Marijuana dining is growing up, slowly

How to set a tone of woodsy chic at a four-course candlelight dinner served under the stars in the Colorado foothills: Live musicians and flowers, check. Award-winning cuisine, check. Beer and wine pairings

Food & Beverage | US farmers make foray into quinoa as demand for grain grows

To the south of Nash Huber’s farm fields are the Olympic Mountains, peaking at nearly 8,000 feet. Due north is the end of a channel of Pacific Ocean waters that

Food & Beverage | General Mills tweaks big brands: More cinnamon, more protein

Sprinkle more cinnamon on Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, switch to antibiotic-free chicken for Progresso soups, pump up the protein in Yoplait yogurts. Those are some of the tactics General Mills

Food & Beverage | Any news is good news… Negative online reviews are double-edge sword for businesses

It is a double-edged cybersword: a negative review of a restaurant or other business, posted for the world to see. Anyone who peruses Yelp!, TripAdvisor, Google and companies' own websites can

Food & Drink | Jesus and beer Religious groups combine faith, cold brews

Angela Caddell started struggling with her Christianity 14 years ago when she came out as gay. But a gathering at a bar to talk faith over a cold beer once

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