DSSOPT reassures on-ramp to Ferry Bridge is safe

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) issued a statement yesterday afternoon affirming that the access ramp to the Friendship Bridge from the peninsula side is safe to use although emergency repair works is planned.

The DSSOPT statement followed reports from local citizens on several social media platforms that show the on-ramp located opposite the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal with a crack on the pavement and unevenness between two structural pieces.

According to the same statement, the Bureau said that at around midnight on Sunday, the staff of DSSOPT received a notice from the Public Security Police Force (PSP) revealing the problem.

The Bureau deployed technicians to the area to conduct a preliminary inspection that revealed that there were no structural defects.

The Bureau explained that after long-term use, the different segments of the structure had experienced different degrees of settlement. The Bureau further explained that since the structure needed to be flexible, it was normal for the expansion and movement of joint parts to require repairs or replacement, reaffirming that this did not compromise structural integrity or safety.

The repair work would be tentatively completed during the night-time and would not affect the normal traffic and use of the bridge, which is otherwise in good condition, DSSOPT remarked.

Although avoiding unnecessary alarmism, the Bureau calls on the public to immediately report to the DSSOPT any unusual or abnormal observations on the roads and bridges via the Bureau’s telephone hotline at 85903800. RM

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